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  1. Hi all, I would like to share here a simple python app I'm coding: PicPacker. It's -or will be someday- somehow similar to TexturePacker. It takes same sized images, processes them and yield, as you all has supposed, a single image containing all the others. Also if you specify it you can generate a json to index all images. If you like be my guess and try it, at least for testing purposes ☺️
  2. Hey @Derail thanks for the answer, as a matter of facts these days I've been learning the Webpack's concepts and I already made my first steps with it. Several days ago I found that approach -like you said- but I didnt took a look at it due to I had never used a module bundler before, now I will do it. Webpack isn't that hard to understand even for a beginner like me in some aspects of programming. I think I will make a blog about all the things I will learn when learning phaser.
  3. Hey @samme, sorry for the noob question but can you or someone else explain me a way to split the app.js into multiple files?
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    Thanks all for replying. Yes @michebn what I want i can find it at as you can see there's almost no description there and you have nothing here . I was looking for something like @samme provide at but Phaser 3 not phaser-ce.
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    Hi all, I'm wondering where can I find the game-configuration-object's description? I was browsing the docs here and, even if I don't know if it does have what I am looking for, when I clicked in the GameConfig param link, I got an 404 Error. So now I don't know where to look for. Can you help me understand the game config object?
  6. Hi, i just found this post in a similar topic posted by @fariazz that was helpful to me. Thks anyway. MODs if you can delete this topic :)
  7. Greetings! I was some time ago learning Phaser 2 but for some reasons I had to stop doing it. Now I will start again from almost zero and I don't know what would be better to learn: the solid Phaser 2 or the new one with new features Phaser 3. Please give me some advice.
  8. @oobarbazanoo try creating the group of tiles this way group = game.add.physicsGroup(); i'm not sure if it's the same than: me.platforms =; me.platforms.enableBody = true; but try anyway
  9. I'm not sure if this is the best approach but try this:, this.groupOfEnemies, this.bulletsColision, null,this); function bulletsColision(bullets, enemy) { console.log( this.groupOfEnemies.getIndex(enemy) ); }
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    Sprite size problems

    That worked perfectly @samme, i will take a look at what you said anyway @jonteferm. Thks both for the answer.
  11. Ad4m

    Sprite size problems

    You can see what i meant above here
  12. It looks good as some has mentiones but i couldn't be able to score more than 3
  13. I created a Texture Atlas using SpriteSheet Packer and I thoght it will crop the sprites but when i debug it showing the bounds i get what you can see in one of the pics attached, but when you look at the texture file the sprites are cropped, I dont know if that's a problem with frame dimensions in the json definition or not. Is there a way to do that without editing all the images to the proper dimensions?
  14. Hi, for those who want to create graphics faster and easyly using that simple tool called Gen-Paint, check out below this function i made that allows to create and add a spritesheet dynamically to our game cache using the arrays of pixel data generated in Gen-Paint. Just copy the function in your project, the function will be called using the line generated in the modified version of gen-paint attached (An example is also attached). function createSpriteSheet(gameObj, frames, spritesheet_name){ var id_base = "texture_base_id_"; var objs = {n:frames.arrFrames.length,width:null,height:null}; for (var x = 0; x < objs.n; x++){ frames.arrFrames[x] = gameObj.create.texture(id_base+x,frames.arrFrames[x],frames.fWidth,frames.fHeight,0); } objs.width = frames.arrFrames[0].width; objs.height = frames.arrFrames[0].height; var bitmap = gameObj.add.bitmapData(frames.fWidth * objs.n * objs.width,frames.fWidth * objs.height); var x = 0; for (var i = 0; i < objs.n ; i++){ bitmap.draw(id_base+i, x, 0); x += objs.width; } game.cache.addSpriteSheet(spritesheet_name, '', bitmap.canvas, objs.width, objs.width); } gen_paint_1.js example.html