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  1. I'm trying to make a battle chess game framework.By now,I have completed the following functions: Use wasd,Shift,space to fly around the scene. Press alt to display hand cards. Click to chose one card or use Shift/Ctrl to select multiple cards and use 1-5 to team them up. When close to a hand card,you can click the button '落子'(Drop the pawn),then the sight change to orange,click the chessboard with the orange sight,the hand card will became a chess pieces. Select a unit on chessboard will display the range of movement by blue masks and the skill table by a DOM node,then you can move the unit by click the mask or click the DOM node to select a skill(up to now,only 'nattack' and 'test5' can work),click other grid or the unit itself will deselect the unit. Use skills to an target will trigger a series of animations,if the unit's hp falls below zero it will turn gray and go up to hand cards. After a round of action,you can click '下一回合'(Next round) button in the hand cards view,the unit on the chessboard will be waiting for move again. I don't have much experience in making battle chess games.I am eager to get to get some suggestions on how to optimize the ui and the operation mode. Next,I plan to use some 3D model to represent units on the chessboard,add some sound effects into the scene,and try to make a websocket interconnection.
  2. Hello Sebavan, I will try to use glowLayer instead of highlightlayer to solve this question.Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you for your help, Wingnut. Your work make things better, The Flickering and the Unwanted highlighting were removed in the scene. But the imperfect thing is,when we get close to the planes and tilt the camera,we will find the green plane and the blue highlighting cross over the red plane. For the third question,when I tried to set blurSize on lines and tube,I found that It did not perform well. The Thickness adjustment is not work for lines.For tube,it makes a lot of Light color highlightlayer and between the layers is abrupt crack. I wonder if we can combine the highlightlayers and make it strong,just like a lightsaber?
  4. Hello, I run into three questions when I use BABYLON.HighlightLayer. The first question is:I create two planes that are very close to each other ,and I set useLogarithmicDepth=true to avoid z-fighting。But when I set HighlightLayer on the farside plane,the nearside plane looks flickering: can I avoid this flickering? Secondly,when I distance the distance between two planes,there still is a hightlighted edge on the nearside plane.How can I remove the Unwanted edge? Third,how can I adjust the thickness of the hightlighted edge? Thanks!