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  1. Yeah. I don't know what "template" in fb-config used for what too.
  2. If you testing in embed player of IG, it'll not work. Push your game to IG hosting and let try again. And remember to provide correct id in Facebook Instant Games plugin in Playfab.
  3. Our latest game just has ~4% D1 retention, it just a hyper-casual game. We just try to make it unique and fun. The game just ships with basic gameplay without any skins, challenge or another game mode. Can you guys suggest some method to get the better retention rate?
  4. Sad to hear this. But I believe this platform will be better in the future
  5. Thank you. I hear a lot of stories that FIG got lower retention rate to compare other platforms. And most of the players are female > 25 years old.
  6. We published our first game 2 months ago. Not have many players but have some royalty player. This is our first game, so we don't have a lot of social features (just have leaderboards). Our D1 Retention is low, just 4%. I want to know how much retention rate is considered as good performance for games in FIG platforms?
  7. It's really fun and challenges game.
  8. I think when Player use T and Y key, their hand will cover the Space. How about T,Y ->V,B for player 2 and [Space], Ctrl -> O,P for Player 1