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  1. Hi, I implement 3D map/ground video (dynamically loaded height map and texture image data via websocket). For dynamic texture I can use BABYLON.DynamicTexture(...) and update it every video frame: context = ground.material.diffuseTexture.getContext() ... context.putImageData(...) ground.material.diffuseTexture.update() Is there a way to update the height map dynamically like the dynamic texture ? What I should use instead of BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGroundFromHeightMap ? Thanks, Vladimir
  2. As far as I understood Anaglyph Camera rendered colors are red and cyan only, is there any way to change them to support different colors: red/green, red/blue, etc. ? I have cheap red/cyan glasses and I can relatively good to see youtube red/cyan videos but babylon.js cyan is almost not filtered by red, it seems too strong comparing with other applications so the produced anaglyph image is too sensetive to the glasses quality. Am I wrong ?
  3. Just fixed it - now all working properly after I have replaced tif files with png files ( map.png, ground.png instead of map.tif, ground.tif). It's very strange that iPhone Chrome and Win7 Chrome differently working with tif-files. Our native files are tif - from this are used them :-)
  4. Hi, In corporate environment I tried to run a very basic babylon.js scene in a Win7 Chrome browser using my own, Python 3.x and node.js simple HTTP servers - without any success. I always get the same error: "Error while trying to load texture: ..." for texture and height map files. These and all other project files (html, js, css, images) reside in the same directory for simplicity and HTTP servers were run from the same place. All other files are loaded successfully. I tried to run Chrome browser with a HTTP server on the same and different computers - not helped. No any Chrome add-on which could prevent to load these files + incognito mode didn't help too. The same scene I can run successfully in Internet Explorer on the same computers and in iPhone Chrome browser via wi-fi too. All other our applications (not babylon.js applications) have no any problem with Chrome browser, they are using XMLHttpRequest and Websocket protocols. I tried all suggestions which I found in Internet regarding this error - nothing helped in my case. Any advice ? Thanks, Vladimir My code (map.tif and ground.tif images cannot be loaded): ... var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGroundFromHeightMap("ground", "map.tif", 100, 100, 100, 0, 10, scene, false); var groundMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("ground", scene); groundMaterial.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("ground.tif", scene); ...