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  1. @programicks Yeah, I've been making an implementation with the game.make.bitmapData( ) . and it had following issues: You have to load two separate pictures - one the background itself, and the "red zones only" picture. Check rate. F.e. the character is moving at 15px. In theory, it has to check the red zone appearance for each pixel i.e 15 times. In reality, it checks it 4-5 times per 10px. Visually it looks that character can move outside the marked space with some little distance. At this moment I made an implementation using P2 physics body for the background (made with Ph
  2. I'm developing point&click quest adventure (something like Machinarium) I have a background, for example, like on the bkg1.ipg I want to define some zone where the character can move. Example on bkg1-marked.jpg. Reaching the end of the red zone the character should stop. Also, it would be great to have ability to make it with some pathfinding like f.e. there are stairs on the background image and the character stays somewhere else on the "first floor". Player clicks on top of the stairs and the character goes there, according to the zone where he can walk Does Phaser ha
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