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  1. Thank you Ivan, it realy works! I just asign new textures aray to existing AnimatedSprite. Also spend some problems with webGL context. After 8-10 texture changes i 'm geting Chrome console error. (W10 64bit, Chome 56 64bit, Video GeForce GTX 650 with last driver) GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glGenSyncTokenCHROMIUM: fence sync must be flushed before generating sync token WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost
  2. Would you mind to help me? I have object moveClip1, and i have to change sprite sheet in it without deleting this object. Something like this: moveClip1= new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(oldTextures); moveClip1.textures =newTextures; moveClip1.textures.update(); For exapmlpe in case of simple Pixi sprite we have method to update texture : sprite1 = new PIXI.Sprite(oldTexture); newTexture = new PIXI.Texture(baseTexture); sprite1.texture = newTexture; sprite1.texture.update();
  3. I have image with 10 different animations and 10 frames by each. On stage i have for example set of 15 diffeent objects with animation. From time to time i have to change set of animation to another.One way to do this is to delete objects and create them once more with needed sprite animation. var moveClip1 = createClip(5); createClip: function (symbolIndex) { var image = this.game.getImage('images.symbols'); var base = new PIXI.BaseTexture(image); var textures = []; for (j = 0; j < steps; j++) tempTexture = new PIXI.Texture(base, { x: this.game.s
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