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  1. Account Settings -> Twitter doesn't work on chrome
  2. The best I can get with building my pixi game on android is a black rectangle... Works in mobile chrome on canvas and webgl, but I can't get it to work in cordova.
  3. Hello everyone. It was probably a year since I posted anything. Good to be back here. I had a looong break with hardcore html5 game development. Can you suggest a good way to start a cordova + pixi project for android? Can you recommend any tuts and share some of your experiences with developing mobile apps with pixi I look forward to reading about your experiences!
  4. I will soon finish my app and try to build an apk. Wish me luck. JSGods help me. I also looked into Progressive Web Apps. Users can just install your webpage on the phone. But you need to set up some things, service workers, manifest and some stuff.
  5. How did you create the score distribution?
  6. I installed https://www.npmjs.com/package/spritesheet-js to create some spritesheets and I tried to make a sheet of tiles like so: I get this output: how to fix this? C:\Projects\Logic\img>spritesheet-js tile*.png r r o r : 0 x 8 0 0 7 0 0 5 7 C:\Users\Tymon\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\spritesheet-js\index.js:129 if (err) throw err; ^ 1 C:\Projects\Logic\img>
  7. Why do you shoot with "j" and not with "space"? Can't play with one hand.
  8. On mobile, when you want to scroll the page, you drag screen with one finger. However, when your finger is on canvas, you can't drag the page. If a canvas covers whole screen, there is no way to scroll the page. Is there a way to enable scrolling-dragging if canvas element is under the finger?
  9. Tymski

    Multi touch gestures

    you can add hammer.js to pixi project, you will need to add listeners for events to detect them for example sprite.on('swipe',doSomething);
  10. I make a text then cache it as bitmap. Here is the result: Why is it getting cut like that?
  11. Tymski

    Ton of Tutorials

    Hello. I am completely new to Phaser and I saw there are 10000 tutorials on the phaser.io page. I how no idea how to navigate in there. Any cool tutorials that you recommend? Maybe you completed some awesome tuts?