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  1. Hey @aWeirdo I had scene.autoClear = false; But using clearColor does the job! Thanks.
  2. Hey @Deltakosh Are you sure its Firefox? Since it is all fine when I just let the runRenderLoop() run all the time. (Btw, I am new with BabylonJS: is it desirable to toggle runRenderLoop and stopRenderLoop all the time, or are there other ways to handle this)
  3. I have different tiles, each in its own canvas. When I toggle the camera (simultaneous), the tile that our out of the viewport seem to go wrong. This only happens in Firefox. One odd thing that I am doing in my code - and this is part due to the bug - is I am having my my rendering stopped all the time, but whenever a ui action is done (ao the camera toggling) I do a runRenderLoop() (I do this for processor saving, since my frames don't update all the time);