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  1. I'm a publisher and having games that I distribute also by GD. I can confirm that in the last 6 month you need to approach them to get the payment - but at least you get, and their minimum payment is low, not like others who can say minimum $500 About eCPM - it dropped. since the beginning of the year it really dropped. on my website I used to have 0.13 CPC (EURO) and it dropped like hell. I also see it with the games I distribute on other websites. I can't point on the reason, ADS.TXT or Google taking too much control on the market, maybe drop of value in the entire industry. Don't know. But I've heard about it from some publishers and developers.
  2. You can get from companies like:
  3. it depends in the amount of traffic, GEO, mobile or desktop, etc. Feel free to PM if its relevant for you
  4. I use Cloudflare. They provide DDOS protection but also CDN and SSL. All free.
  5. I didn't know they ask for 1 Million impressions :\ Maybe this is why I didn't hear from them Anyway - I'm also looking for advertising network to integrate into games. I applied to but they didn't accept me. In general you can work with any Media network, but most of them work in CPM model and since the CTR is really high in games - I wouldn't recommend. If you want to have just Video advertising you can work with Video AD network (there are many) but if you don't have minimum 50K pageviews a day - I wouldn't recommend. The best would be PPC but I didn't find the right network yet.
  6. Hi, I have a gaming website and I'm looking to buy advertising in games. If you have your game is on Facebook or Chrome App or any other place - feel free to contact me. The game must have Desktop traffic.