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  1. MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.8.0 Features Updates Fixed pointer problems due to API changes since 3.16.2, related to the dragState property. described in 3.16.1 release notes.
  2. MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.7.5 Features Updates Fixed global reference to game object causing errors.
  3. https://codepen.io/Samid737/pen/GdVZeX The physics model is highly simplified and it won't decelerate like in GTA-2, you will need to add in drag to achieve this.
  4. Before proceeding investigation, you already done the above mentioned?
  5. You can play with the uniforms/properties before calliing update on the filter (inside update) : https://codepen.io/Samid737/pen/VGjjBG?editors=0010
  6. This should help getting started: https://codepen.io/Samid737/pen/VGjjBG It is similar to the filter found here: https://web.ist.utl.pt/ist172700/ccu/save/docs/DisplacementFilter.js.html You will still need to load in a Power of two texture it seems.
  7. Definitely possible in Phaser. Conceptually though, this example would be a pretty good reference: https://github.com/nullobject/risk Hexagons should be easy to draw using graphics, followed by a texture conversion if you need to. Setting turns is just setting some game state variable after ending your turn: game.turn = (game.turn + 1 ) % num_of_players maps are definitely possible. I think cameras will help you out alot here. Navigating through a map can be done by scrolling. Have a look at the examples: https://labs.phaser.io/view.html?src=src/camera/minimap camer
  8. What about Phaser.Actions: https://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\actions\random circle.js
  9. game does not work for me, but you could probably use a collider callback to deal with that. Add an invisible physics body, and call some function that stops the ball on collision: https://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\physics\arcade\remove collider.js What about the straightforward way ? : if(ball.y < 300){ stopBall() }
  10. MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.7.0 Features Added snap button to toggle grid snapping. Added toggle button class. Updates Switch to ES6 classes Integrate ES6 plugin API.
  11. @bnolan windows 8, yes it only happens when the crosshair is active after clicking. i can see the menu panel and awsd works.
  12. I seem to have mouse sensitivity problems, tilts and rotates randomly to +-90 degree tilt when trying to center it to the world. Chrome 67.0.3396.87(64-bits).
  13. You could fetch the game canvas and change its CSS cursor property. e.g: game.canvas.style.cursor = "zoom-in" //or this.sys.canvas.style.cursor = "zoom-in"
  14. MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.6.1 Updates Update to Phaser 3.10.1 Integrate API changes. Added a Menu class (container).
  15. You could add an extra camera for UI display and tween it to appear and dissapear afterwards by adjusting the ScrollY, but make sure the main camera ignores all objects that are not text, otherwise you will see duplicates of the same text: https://codepen.io/Samid737/pen/jxgqOe you could achieve the same result using A UI scene,. If you only have one UI object (one text message) throughout the entire game, then you could try to tween A single text object. The takeaway is to seperate UI (messages, buttons) display from the game.
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