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  1. Hello friends, I want to know how are you making your games responsive to landscape and portrait orientations like a website. I want all the buttons and background elements to stay the same ratio in both orientations. My buttons and background are stretching in both orientations. I have made my canvas 100% in css.I was using Phaser.ScaleManager.showall and i also tried .RESIZE. Resize causes the game background and buttons to float in space.
  2. Precisely what i thought. Kongregate is one example but i think all of the paying platforms must have their own web service API.to be relevant Also If you know about other spil named sites for html5 gamedevs to sell to, Do tell.
  3. Are these features necessary for implementing on an arcade game? With the intent to release on a game platform like Spil? Should i expect to create a service that communicates via AJAX calls on their platforms?
  4. This is amazing. You really went to town on this one. I mean It was overkill when you mentioned RESTful service. I know about it only in passing but this is too much for a little ol' game saving highscores. Thanks for a brief introduction to databases and server side programming. I'm going to stick to localstorage for now. I super admire your clear language here and the fact that you took the time to write a blog post. I was expecting a few lines like POST in the html document. So this means i'm good for now. Thanks
  5. ikr, the data is being wiped out, i see many posts about localstorage here but server side handling for save data is missing. How would i go about saving it on Xampp which i use. Do you know phaser specific php side coding tutorial i could benefit from?
  6. I want to know how to keep the localstorage save data persistent in my game. If i reset my device the locally stored data is lost Eventhough i'm not clearing the cache. I'm trying to save highscore and stuff. How do i keep it persistent should i keep some log on the server? I'm running the game on Chrome fyi
  7. So i'm running the game on phaser.min.js 2.4 and above and this one is working. But i noticed that the canvas wasn't aligning as it used to with scale.setScreenSize. So i went digging and figured that the canvas needs to communicate directly with the HTML index files. When i was declaring my game before it was var game = new Phaser.Game(960, 640, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameContainer');. gameContainer being the div id. So in order to place the canvas correctly it is important for Phaser.ScaleManager to scale it directly w/o the div Now it is var game = new Phaser.Game(960, 640, Phaser.AUTO, null);
  8. Okay everyone here's the solution; I was using some old piece of phaser.min.js that's not supporting the documentations. But docs aren't really clear about the function scale.setScreenSize(true) state right now. Fact is, it's been deprecated for a while now. And i learned that there is a few other functions to replace it like this.scale.updateLayout(); and this.scale.refresh()
  9. Hello, I tried to run my JSONArray texture pack using the default phaser.min.js and texturepacker and upon adding an image to a state. it threw an error saying cannot set size of null/ undefined. I checked and double checked the code. There were no problems with it. So i changed the engine to phaser-arcade-physics.min.js and this time it worked. The problem now seems to be that it doesn't recognize the function this.scale.setScreenSize(true) inside the BOOT.js file. Which worked in phaser.min.js. I can see the phaser-arcade-physics.min.js is the updated file of the two. But which vers
  10. Okay i solved the problem, the script tag for phaser.min,js was not referenced in index.html file. Totally.my bad. My browser was throwing an error for favicon.ico and i couldn't find it in my code. Hope it helps someone else
  11. Hello everyone, I opened the Basic Phaser Template and wanted to play around with the example body debug.js from the repository. There is a code comment on the basic template index.html in the script tag which says: We did it in a window.onload event, but you can do it anywhere (requireJS load, anonymous function, jQuery dom ready, - whatever floats your boat I'm familiar with the window onload event done it many times and it works. Idk much about requireJS load, anonymous function, jQuery dom . And so It all boils down to a stupid question. I wanted to try opening the bodyde
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