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  1. Hi niponph, please check my post. i'm still available. Thank you.
  2. Here's a video sample of few creatives of my authorship
  3. Heres' a game made by me back in 2015 http://webcaetano.github.io/wizz/ Some making of timelapses:
  4. Hi, My name is Andre Caetano, I'm a Freelancing PhaserJS (2 & 3) and PixiJS Game developer. Looking for a remote position. 4 years experience in Phaser and 11 years of experience in Game Dev in general. The last 4 years i spent doing Mobile Game Ads at CrossInstall. (Great company, btw). Made over 150 ads there. Almost one ad per week. Skills you might also interest: NodeJS, Webpack, WebSocket. Cross-Platform development (phonegap) Testing Frameworks Travis, Ava, Mocha. Front-end in general (vue/react/angular1)(less/sass)(svg animation). Blockchain-developement (Ethereum/Solidity). You will find more details about me at my website : http://webcaetano.github.io Fixed prices per project are fine. I prefer Cryptocurrencies as payment method, but others are totally fine too. Contact: Website: http://webcaetano.github.io Github: https://github.com/webcaetano Twitter: https://twitter.com/webandrecaetano Email: webandrecaetano@gmail.com Phaser and Pixi Slack channel : @webcaetano Some screenshots of my work:
  5. There's no "correct way" to use game states. It is just a way to organize game data. If you were writing D2 on Phaser. You probably not use states for differents parts of the map (you could). But probably a game state for the main menu, and other for the actual game, etc.. One of the advantages of divide the game in states is being able to start/reset/reload it easier. Big fan of D2 too.
  6. https://github.com/ellisonleao/magictools#vectorimage-editor Vote for Aseprite from a non pixel artist. Yes it works on linux.