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  1. Hi all! I built a little demo which combines the p2.js 2D physics library with 3D rendering via Babylon.js, to create a 2.5D unicycle game demo: https://tomwhall.github.io/p2BabylonUnicycle/ The code is on GitHub.
  2. I've finally updated my ReactReduxSVG demo - to v0.2.0 ☺️ Repo: https://github.com/TomWHall/ReactReduxSVG Demo: https://tomwhall.github.io/ReactReduxSVG/ It now has somewhat more advanced physics (still plenty of bugs there!) and an example of an object which the player can interact with (elevators). I also restructured the code a lot. @mattstyles the state graphic above is interesting. Is this the default behaviour in Immutable.js? The way I handle the above type of update is basically the same as shown in the "Quick usage" example of this repo: https://github.com/mar
  3. This is a really interesting thread. I recently put together a little POC of a 2D platformer demo using React, Redux, and SVG rendering: https://github.com/TomWHall/ReactReduxSVG At the moment all you can do is run and jump around 2 screens. The point was to learn about Redux and functional patterns in general. In my "spare" time I've written a few casual HTML5 games using canvas / WebGL (mostly via PIXI), and they have all ended up feeling very OO, and also too procedural and brittle in the way state is updated. I wanted to experiment with a derived, declarative UI (React) backed
  4. Thanks! I have updated my post with a link to the online version.
  5. I've put the source on GitHub: https://github.com/TomWHall/Descensus2
  6. This is version 2 of my game Descensus from several years ago. It's a simple but difficult 2D physics game in which you have to guide the ball to the ground by swiping bars on screen, bouncing it around spinning saws and off moving terrain objects. There's a time limit to reach each 100m stage, and you can use terrain objects to your advantage as well. It was written using the physics library p2.js and the rendering library Pixi.js. I wrote in in TypeScript, bundled with Webpack, developed using Visual Studio Code. The Android version was packaged using the cloud build system Monaca, bund
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