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  1. Yes i made and i had submitted it to your pixi gallery a while ago, but it appears to have been ignored, which i don't understand as its a game that really shows what can be done with pixi. About Skyfight Skyfight is a multiplayer dogfighting game where the players control a fighter aeroplane and fly around the game zone trying to destroy other players' planes. Each fighter is equipped with basic machine guns which can be temporarily upgraded by catching falling parachutes, there are also upgrades for manoeuvrability, shields, speed and our favourite Kamikaze. As the players play they gain rank and as they progress through the ranks, the more features such as custom and team games become available at those ranks, also as you play you will also be awarded medals for completing some of the 49 achievements which are distributed throughout the game. How to Play Skyfight The objective of the game is to shoot down as many planes as possible while increasing your score and rank. As you enter the game for the first time there is a keyboard layout which consists of up down left and right and of course shoot which is the space bar. It’s not complicated just lots of fun. Skyfight Strategy The strategy is to kill everyone, but there are some hidden gems like looping which always gets you out of trouble when someone is on your tail. Collecting the health parachutes should keep you alive, but if you do get shot down then just hit enter and take off again as your rank and medals is automatically saved no matter how many times you go down. So don’t just sit there get one up!
  2. Announcing, made with pixi, html5, php with the servers in c++, it has taken me 12 months which is about 5,000 hours on the code/art, it has been localised into 6 languages, with more work and languages to follow. I hope you like it The game has 7789 lines of JavaScript, 9430 lines of c++, and 984 lines of PHP/HTML with pixi as the graphics engine. I have UK/European and USA servers. so don't just sit there, get one up!!!
  3. I a having trouble with the interactive elements in the minified version of pixi 4.0 To give me a fake input box i have an input box at the end of my dom that i make focused to take keyboard input so take the value of and place in text container. But the minified version of pixi is stealing the focus from my input box where the unminified version is not.