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    Nesh108 got a reaction from bambo in Music you listen while working.   
    Good old Smashing Pumpinks, gotta pick the songs right but they are good
    - Thirty-Tree
    - Tonight, Tonight
    - There it goes
    - Stand Inside Your Love
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from samid737 in [Discussion] Efficiently Expressing Language and Thoughts Without Text. Possible?   
    Yeah, the style is quite nicely done, it's just lacking other things (for me). But it's great to have examples of games exploring a different narrative style and receiving praises.  
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from totallybueno in Is there a way to use a mobile device as a pad on desktop?   
    @totallybueno if your use case is to have the game work on standard LAN networks (i.e. home environments), that's pretty straightforward and can be done in several ways by yourself. Each implementation might take between 30 min and 2 hours, depending on your skills.
    It heavily depends on the technology you are using but the general idea is the following
    1. Without the user/player having to manually connect the 2 devices: you send some UDP broadcast packets to the network where the device/computer is connected and, from the other device (your choice which), listen for those specific packets. Once 1 is received within the timeout, you read the sender IP and use that for a proper TCP connection.
    2.1. With user/player having to connect the two: you got to make them connect to each other by bring the IP address of device#1 into device#2. The purest form is to show them their local IP address (192.168.x.y) and make them input it on the other device. Some cooler ways would be to just show the same information but as a QR code and then make them scan it from the phone.
    [PC] <--> {router} <--> [Phone/Tablet]
    Use UDP for broadcasting and TCP for the actual control. WebSockets (
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    Nesh108 reacted to davrous in Babylonjs on Webbrowser   
    Yes, Babylon.js works inside the WebBrowser control as long as you're running at least IE11 on your machine. Looks like you've not referenced correctly babylon.js in your html file. 
    Try to change your URI to "" and if it displays the spaceship in your Winform application, this means that Babylon.js is supported on your machine inside the webbrowser control.
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    Nesh108 reacted to xerver in Change Background Color In JavaScript?
    renderer.backgroundColor = 0xFF00FF;  
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from Ositoozy in Move bullet toward player direction   
    You basically want to have a forward vector in relation to the player's rotation angle, correct?
    You can fire a bullet depending on the current rotation of the sprite/player. Given the position of the center of the player (simplified as a circle) and its rotation, you can find the X,Y coordinates of the front. With that, you can then create a forward vector and shoot in that direction.
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    Nesh108 reacted to Ositoozy in Move bullet toward player direction   
    Have you tried using the track sprite method from the Phaser.Weapon class?
    You may need to login with some username
    Also pickup one of the orbs to be able to shoot
    Phaser example with code:
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from mattstyles in Is there a way to use a mobile device as a pad on desktop?   
    @mattstyles you are correct. I have misread the question. I will edit my answer.
    The "share the IP address" and connect via websocket still works
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from JohnK in Edge detection in babylon   
    @Raghavender Mylagary I did a quick test by converting the background from black to transparent: If that fits your needs, go ahead and tweak the edge detection  
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    Nesh108 reacted to TweakNow in Second level for Adventure of Ryan Hunter is finished   
    I have just finished the second level for my html5 game, Adventure of Ryan Hunter.
    Please check it out and let me know what do you think.
    Thank you,
    Priyo Hutomo

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    Nesh108 reacted to Juan in Second level for Adventure of Ryan Hunter is finished   
    Hey there,
    Nice game! I'd just improve the way the character jumps. It should let us move (left, right) while it's jumping, otherwise, it makes it harder for us to jump into the platforms since the jump is inaccurate.
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    Nesh108 reacted to Andres in The Fearsome Mapinguari   
    In this simple game you are the fearsome Mapinguari, a mythical creature from the Amazon rainforest, and must scare some villains out of the forest.

    Direct link:
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    Nesh108 reacted to Befive.Info in Phaser JS Roulette demo script   
    Posted a game based on the script:
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    Nesh108 reacted to Arte in Best way to do 2d buttons?   
    Hi Mangomongo,
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    Nesh108 reacted to Wingnut in Parent Mesh with VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera   
    Sounds good, thx!  There might be some pivot point considerations involved here.
    The left eye and right eye should not be rotating precisely the same, and with this work-around kludge, they are doing so.
    There is an... umm... .lensSeparationDistance and .interpupillaryDistance involved in the metrics of VR cameras.  Essentially, it is the nose-bridge width, I think.
    Both cameras are not in the same position.  They are separated by some distance.  SO, when both side-by-side cameras are looking at the same target... their rotation values will not PERFECTLY match.  The camera that is furthest from the target... will be rotated a bit further than the other, I think.
    This is a potential problem.  No problems for simple spinning of both cameras like our demo is doing.  But more problem when you wear the VR glasses and you have problems getting left/right rotational "coordination"... and you get a brain tumor after 15 minutes of game-play. 
    Truth is, the rig itself... should allow parenting... but the rig is really a matrix transformation, I believe (similar to a bone).  Perhaps, to do this task properly, each camera's CURRENT transformation... should be multiplied by the rotating box transformation... each frame.  (ouch)  This way, the box's rot transform is "affecting" each camera viewMatrix, but not forcing it to be a COPY of box's rot transform.  Box's rot transform becomes an OFFSET which is added to each camera's current rot.  The two cameras always maintain their slight difference-in-rotation from each other, that way.
    It's pretty much over my head... but... forcing left/right camera rotations... to be COPIES-of box rotation... seems like an improper solution (kludge) that could cause problems in a project. *shrug*  Party on.
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    Nesh108 reacted to Wingnut in Parent Mesh with VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera   
    Hi Andy, good to see you.  I hope you have been well.
    I know of workaround. [link #2]  See lines 30-31.  Might not be correct way, but it works.
    Hope this helps.  Smarter people than I ...will surely comment soon.
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    Nesh108 reacted to davrous in Enabling VR on my project   
    You should use directly our VR camera instead such as the WebVRFreeCamera or VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera based on feature detection.
    Here's a basic sample:
    Regarding browsers support, on desktop, only MS Edge has WebVR enabled by default today on Windows 10 Creators Update, Firefox 55 will also soon (august) and Chrome should by the end of the year. On mobile, only Android & Chrome has it.
    That's why you should fallback to the Device Orientation camera most of the time. 
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    Nesh108 reacted to adam in How to use sprite from canvas2d on 3d plane, keeping scale9 feature?   
    Is this what you are trying to do?
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    Nesh108 reacted to Dad72 in Alpha Blending   
    You did not post in the correct section. You are in demos and projects.
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from AlbertTJames in Low quality rendering in Chrome   
    @tiflis apparently that flag is Firefox-only. But I guess you could find the culprit either in "chrome://gpu" or "chrome://flags" and see if something is disabled (maybe try to restore to default).
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from kapu in Game design open-source   
    You can specify them separately, not a problem
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    Nesh108 reacted to kapu in Game design open-source   
    Okay, thanks for your returns @Jammy and @Nesh108 ! 
    I'll trys these softwares, and take more time for Inkscape =)
    There is also [piskelapp]( for the pixel-art style (but I'm not going to use it for this game I think).
    Ah, and for mixing the sound, I thought about [audacity]( for wind, walk, etc. Do you know others?
    About the licences, I'm a bit aware of what exists. This [website]( is cool about that. I was particulary wondering about different licences for the same game:
    - CC-BY or the sounds
    -CC-BY-SA for the assets, sprites, etc.
    - MIT for the code
    And how to mix them, just specifying it individualy?
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    Nesh108 got a reaction from Deltakosh in [SOLVED]FollowCamera Weirdness   
    Maybe this could be helpful, @Raggar? 
    If not, try to simplify your snippet, way too much stuff to know exactly where things go wrong  
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    Nesh108 reacted to Befive.Info in Phaser JS Roulette demo script   
    Hi everyone!
    I uploaded a sample Phaser JS script of roulette with a hope that someone will find it useful.
    This Phaser JS script demonstartes a solution to show roulette that rotates and stops at a random position. Needle ticks with animation and sound as the roulette spins.
    The script itself could be rewritten into a really simple code and should be able to be integrate into any game at ease. You could use it for a simple game, a small lottery in your game, board games etc. (The code is totally a mess. Pardon my lousy coding manner.)
    Thank you for reading!

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    Nesh108 reacted to MackeyK24 in UNITY TOOLKIT HELP   
    Just make a regular unity game... set the project type webgl/ html5... then build... use so you know... unity really makes a c++ (via emscripten) port of your game. BabylonJS games are native HTML5 based webgl games... you will see big differences in loading... you have to use their C# unity API to get JavaScript access if you need any native web access to your game... it very klunky... and the worst thing... god forbid you actually get some kind of runtime error in the browser... you will some long C++ emscriptem error... sometimes with no message at all... i and I really don't like the long C++ emscripten runtime compile (not the shader compile) but actually compiling the game code in browser (which fails on my mac most of the time) ... and it uses this big typed array that you define at runtime... say like 1gig ... that your game binary really runs in...
    In short... you get a much cleaner, faster and richer runtime experience going native JavaScript HTML5 and webgl API ... which BabylonJS wraps up real nicely... but by all means try it out yourself and see 😊