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  1. Hi guys! We are affected by Football fewer as well Here's the Football Tricks game. Updated engine works also on Windows Phone 8 You can play here: http://www.logicking.com/games/FootballTricks/ Any feedback are welcome!
  2. Am I the only one to use Eclipse for dev? I use Win8 and Win7 with my PC and a laptop. I finally have an ultrawide monitor from LG and it's great. Very comfortable. So, as told before, I use Eclipse with Ant builder, bitBucket for version control (moved there not long ago), Pain.NET, Photoshop. All sorts of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera... and IE in some dark corners of my OS) and some devices as Nexus4, Ipod, etc... And a greate "Pilot" chair with headrest.
  3. Thanks, will try. I think there can be pretty good demand for non-exlusive version of android games, but so far haven't see portals or publisers buying licenses.
  4. We have our own tech for wrapping HTML5 to Android and Windows Phone as native code and putting them to market. Like we did with Cannons And Soldiers http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/cannons-and-soldiers/047c90f9-2958-4c0b-bcc4-7685fceb6563 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logicking.cannonsandsoldiers I wonder is there a publishers similar to non-exclusive licensing for HTML5 who will buy those games?
  5. The idea of this alien children looks just fantastic. But I can't inderstand the thing... I played a few levels, closed the tab and opened it once again. When I go to the "Story" there is no levels avaible. Only Challanges is playable. Refresh doesn't help. I opened incognito tab - works. Refresh - no levels for story.
  6. Thanks all. Issue is solved. Owner of the google play app replied and removed the game. However I will monitor app store more carefully.
  7. I found my HTML5 game Cannons And Soldiers being wrapped as native android app and put on Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev282087.app278660 Does any one know how can I remove the game from the market? Already wrote to the developer but he didn't react so far.
  8. The only thing you can do to have secure your code in you game is to put part of the code on the server side. NodeJS can help a great deal. But of course you'll need to have constant internet connection But if the game is simple enough minify code will be enough since creation of the similar game will cost cheaper then reverse engineering it.
  9. Thanks! Agreed with animation simpleness. We were limiting ourselve since mobile HTML5 isn't very good for big sprite sheets. However probably we'll try to do animation bit smoother.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys! We are using our own UltimateJS Its completely div based without canvas. By the way. I found that in the WebApp mode on my iPad2 the game played WAY MORE SLOWER than in Safari. I wonder is it general HTML5 issue?
  11. Hi guys! Please check out or new bubble shooter game called Bubble Meadow 2 we're currenly testing. You can play here: http://www.logicking.com/games/BubbleMeadow2/ This is the most complex game we've done for mobile HTML5 so far and there is some work on optimazation and testing to be done. So any feedback on performance/bugs on different devices or any suggesting would be very welcome.
  12. IE for Windows Phone was the fatest mobile browser I've seen! Our Cannons And Soldiers physics game was almost fast as native. Too bad Microsoft didn't add proper capabilities to disable zooming, selection and clicking functionalities so Web Mobile games are still unplayable at Windows Phones.
  13. Soybean, did you tried Tizen SDK? It produces wgt files, probably the one Tizen Store require.
  14. We are doing the work for the client on Tizen. It seems like pretty straightforward process and emulator works well, but who knows how the actual device will perform.
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