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  1. "Warning" 10 days GameJam Game made with: Phaser.io(v2) Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/hit-and-samba/322267 Hello there, and welcome to the show! So, are you tired of those old fashion parades, huh? So are we! We would like to see those powerful and magnificent cars that open-up the event doing something more than just passing by us at low speed, having people hanging there doing nothing at all. Aw, come on! People spend a lot of money, time and put much effort on this event and in the end, it goes l
  2. Game that I made for a gamejam: ---- Game link: 12 levels.
  3. I fix the "th" thing and other minor typos. hehe. Thanks! I'll show you to education professionals, maybe get some investment. If I succeed I will give continuity to the game.
  4. thanks for the feedback! Add a "tip" to the loading screen and also add a time bar per turn. By the way, I put the demo on kongregate too! Take a look. http://www.kongregate.com/games/HenriquePikachu/the-42nd-bridge-demo
  5. Hi everyone My entry in Jamtastic vol.#1 Play here: (link fix) Made with: Phaser/Typescript (I'll put the game code in github soon. ) Any comments, feedback or suggestions anyone has is greatly appreciated =D
  6. At the time I used version 1.x. Take a look at this link. I hope it helps with something.
  7. Try (jquery): $.post("<SERVER_URL>", {objects: objects}, function(result){ alert('Done!'); }); Remember, you still can use javascript / libs / frameworks. In my personal projects, I use angular to do things that are not part of the game logic.
  8. I would do one of the following: State Change Params Temp Save Game State (localstorage, indexeddb/websql...) Maybe create your own class to persist/manage these variables/states.. (extends Phaser.State)
  9. Ok, a solve the client download problem, add some hints and create a new template: details: https://github.com/pe77/pkframework-examples running: pkframe init -p layers template running print: // "hey kiddo... Over here! Do you want kill some vampire lords"?
  10. >First of all: Sorry for my shitty english... I created this collaborative framework not with the intention of remaking the library(phaser) but organize code and the development environment. I separated in three parts: > Pkframework (github project) The framework itself // need to documentation @todo > Pkframework exemples (github project) Which will be both the repository of examples as the initial development models > Pkframework client (github project) Install the initial models and make them work (webserver, auto typescript compile/deploy, live
  11. In one of my games runs into an angular application. When the player reached highscore, I take a print out of the canvas and send the image to the server. However, this action was triggered by the game(phaser canvas), not by the angular app. // get angular scope this._scope = angular.element($('ion-view')).scope(); // call controller function this._scope.ShareRanking(this._game); in angular controller: $scope.ShareRanking = function(game) { $scope.rankingImage = game.canvas.toDataURL(); // bla bla bla ... Just do the same by adapting the code to, whatever it is using o
  12. Hi! I have a little issue or misunderstanding. I do not know yet, help me figure it out. Look at the following code: // inside state create this.game.physics.arcade.gravity.y = 150; // create a simple group with a sprite into this.groupTest = new Phaser.Group(this.game); this.groupTest.enableBody = true; this.groupTest.add(this.game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'simon')); // f5 here : OK - Noting happen // or p2 this.game.physics.enable(this.groupTest, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); // f5 here : OK - group and sprite inside fall like a rock // body undefined this.groupTest.body.velocity.x =
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