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  1. Hi there. First, I'm trying to make an FB Leader board like this image I captured it from Caro - an instant game. And I'm new in Phaser 3. I know how to create circle image by using mask. But my problem is i can't use mask for a child in a container. I spent whole day to search solution on GG Let me tell you how i make Leader board. I use greate UI plugin of Rex, Scroll panel contains a sizer, that sizer contain many containers as row of rank. In container i want to create an circle image and i didn't success with mask Then i changed my solution to using sizer instead of container. Failed again. Please help me find better solution. If i need to post my code here, please tell me. Thanks so much
  2. Thanks so much Tom. I also think about this solution. Don't use Box2D Truly, the project i joined, they are using Box2D, but i don't have experience with it. So that is reason I post this topic. If we still want to use Box2D, can you give me a advice? Thanks so much.
  3. Hi all. I want to create a game like Knife Hit I create a circle at center, some items around it and move follow the circle. I use Box2d physic for them. let angel = pos * 360 / total; // i have 18 position around center circle if (angel == 360) { angel = 0; } let posX = Math.sin(angel * (Math.PI /180)) * IG.ITEM_COIN_RADIAN; let posY = Math.cos(angel * (Math.PI /180)) * IG.ITEM_COIN_RADIAN; item.revo =, item, 0, 0, posX, posY, 0, 5e4, true, 0, 0, true); Then when the knife hit the circle, i also make it move follow the circle if (hit) { knife.revo =, knife, 0, 0, 0, -( * 190 / 1280), 0, 5e4, true); } I set same motor speed. But the knife rotate faster items and it hits all items while the circle are rotating? Position of the knife as also changes as well from it hits the circle I want to keep knife and items have fixed position on circle and move with same direction and speed with circle. Please help me Thanks so much
  4. If you don't want two download zip please tell me
  5. Hi all. i have a problem with memory leak. I try take heap snapshot of my game on Chrome. I saw: - if i load audio in preload function, my State and phaser StateManager is load again each time i reload webpage. So, memory keep increasing - If i don't load audio. Memory doesn't increase. @Anderberg @fitness23 can you help me? How to use your code? I uploaded my code, with screenshot of snapshot. Please take a look. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi everyone. I am newbie. I has a question with using function. When i use it, i must add my sprite to a group to make the sprite appear. While if i use game.add.sprite, the sprite appears without group. What is difference? Please help me clear my mind.
  7. It's very good, and i have few recommends: - You should make animation for the fish. - The game is quite hard at the first pipes, i can't get more than 4 - You have to check if the fish is go to Top bound. I used this trick, make the fish over Top Bound and the game becomes endless :))
  8. Hi there. I'm newbie in Phaser. Now i want to learn about Sound. I'm researching how to make a game like Don't Stop Eighth Note. Player's moving depends on how loud your voice. I don't know what keyword or function i should to search. Anyone can give me a guide. Thanks so much.