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  1. doesnt seem to work for me in chrome console: lodewheel.js:61 Uncaught TypeError: language_texts.indexOf is not a function at getlocale (lodewheel.js:61) at lodewheel.js:84 getlocale @ lodewheel.js:61 (anonymous) @ lodewheel.js:84 lodewheel.js:69 Lodewheel game library 0.5 LD38 BUILD 2017-04-26 16:22:51 starting... lodewheel.js:61 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'MENU_IO_LOADING' of undefined at t (lodewheel.js:61) at Game._init (lodewheel.js:69) t @ lodewheel.js:61 _init @ lodewheel.js:69
  2. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can spare some time to please help me? The issue exists within an existing project so is difficult to debug. I'm hoping people can just suggest anything rather than seeking a specific fix while I continue to debug 1. I create an object and place it on the renderer. 2. Then I attach a function to the "pointerdown" event on that object. furni.interactive = true; furni.on('pointerdown', function(){ game.ui.showElecFurniInfo(this); }); 3. I then create sprites above it that act like flashing/rotating spot lights e.g. light = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage("png/spotlight3.png"); light.width= 64*2; light.height= 64*3; light.x = furni.x+44; light.y = furni.y+10; light.height = light.height /2; light.anchor.set(0.5); light.alpha = 1; light.rotate = -180 light.blendMode = PIXI.BLEND_MODES.ADD; game.render.lights.addChild(light); game.flashingLights.push(light); //This will change the opacity every now and then game.rotatingLights.push(light); //This will rotate the light every now and then This is where the problem starts. The pointerdown event isn't firing if one of the rotating lights happens to be over where I click. Even though light.interactive is not set, and even explicitly setting it doesn't resolve the issue. Notes: Removing the lights does fix the issue. Adding the same pointerdown function to the lights fixes the issues but the lights are bigger than the object so it's a crap 'fix'. See test case below In my real code there are multiple containers both above and below these objects which may have click events Test case outside of the project shows the issue should not occur: [Some form of fix] The problem can be fixed with: light.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 0, 0); This just adds to the confusion more to be honest...
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    Pixi.js Showcase

    My apologies my friend who's working on the site for me happily left it in an unfinished state during the last test. I'll get the sub link up today. The game is free and web based yes I have re-worked the idea away from Hotels into an arcade building game. Screenshot below.
  4. does it not work on my browser? its a html5 game afterall
  5. Hey guys, I started a new project recently and so wanted to put an old one to bed. Today I released Astro Colonist on Kongregate and look forward to hearing what people think. The project is not going to be developed further unless of course there is a need for it since I wasn't going to release it; but I didn't want to leave this just hiding in my games folder. The game lets you colonise multiple planets and build different things to help you progress. Aliens come in after a few hundred years and start trying to colonise planets too, if you don't eradicate them then all your planets will be consumed by them. You can play it now here at: http://www.kongregate.com/games/aJamDonut/astro-colonist Thanks for checking it out guys! Jammy.
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    small games

    you're amazing, that first one just absolutely blows my mind, please expand on it more
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    Pixi.js Showcase

    Heyu guys! I've shown this off in another post as part of a demonstration but I think it's now at a point where it's worth a gander for those just interested in Pixi demos. Once I have a live link I'll be sure to share. The game uses PixiJS for rendering and I developed the rest myself with some help of other JS libs. The game is aimed to be a hotel tycoon game similar to obviously PA and SimAirport. Of course it may never get finished and just die since I'm doing it as a hobby but if more interest grows we'll have to see what happens. And then heres an awesome vid where I'm stress testing: I've come up with a website if you guys wanna get updates just use the email signup form, I plan to be posting devlogs soon: http://jamdonut.com/happystay-inc If anyone's interested in how I achieve some of the stuff in the game please feel free to contact me Thanks for checking the vids out peeps! Adam.
  8. Awesome, you know what'd make it cooler - when u hit the edge, appear at the other side.
  9. Hey dude, if you're not a coder then using an existing game making software is a very good idea. One thats really popular right now and quite easy to use is Construct 2 (just google it). As for graphics inkscape is a good free vector software, its a bit like working with circles and squares to make the image you want and the youtube tutorials will probably help with graphics. Once you find out what framework or software you want to make it in, you will be able to find examples of games which have some of the mechanics you need. For example construct 2 has animation mechanisms so you'll want to find them, it also has "pinning" e.g. pin a coat to the animal, which you'll want to look into. One tip for a non-coder: you WILL have to learn bits of code in order to make your game, unless you can just buy someone elses game. So you will need to learn how to make things change when you click buttons, how to figure out if two things are hitting eachother. This stuff is really simple in Construct 2, but still requires understanding of code. Hope this brief info helps. Jammy.
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    hiya guys, just lurking
  11. Hi ivan, thanks for the tips I'll check out tilemap as I do need any perf gains I can get! I did try pixi-layers but it appeared to have a conflict with pixi-display which I had already been using in the project to good effect.
  12. Hi guys, I've been making a game project recently which I wanted to add some relatively basic lighting effects to. I really struggled with anything I found online and basically everything seems broken. After researching alpha masking and texture rendering at runtime I've come up with a demo which finally puts the entire piece together so people can use it. I really hope this makes a difference to peoples learning experience, their games and their appreciation for PixiJS. I welcome any mods to the pen as I'm not the best at writing super hot JS, I just want it to work. The demo includes moving a light cookie, changing its alpha, and overlaying a rectangle to emulate day/night - all which blend together nicely. The code can be found here: Thanks a lot guys, Some footage inside a working game demo can be seen here: And some more of my game concept can be seen here: This is the effect it has when used as lighting in my game, keeping in mind i have extra shadows on the tileset: Jammy.