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  1. I saw that, oh my god thank you so much, you just find the solution !!
  2. Do you think It could be possible to rotate the bodies like the sprite ? I know I can't with arcade, mayble with body.angle Thank you very much for this code !!, it helps
  3. Hello, I have searched a solution for a problem for long time and didn't found, if someone have some ideas I am taking all x) did someone know if it's possible to rotate a group of bodies around an anchor point, I set some bodies for invisble walls and my objective is to turn them around by 90° around an anchor point, I know It must be not very comprehensive so I set up an Image to explain myself. In the screen, I have 2 bodies and I want them to turn around the red dot what must be my anchor point, I know it's impossible in arcade so I tried in P2 physics and impossible to found any solu
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