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    Hi, I have tried to create the min version, I have followed this article: https://phaser.io/tutorials/creating-custom-phaser-builds but, I have a problem. After command 'grunt custom ...', on dist directory I cannot found the min version. where I wrong? Thanks!! p.s. I have the same result in windows and in Mac terminal. this is the command: grunt custom --exclude gamepad,keyboard,particles,tilemaps,p2,ninja,arcade,debug,sound,net,retrofont,bitmaptext,text,weapon Building Phaser 2.6.2 --------------------- Excluding modules:
  2. Thanks for replays... A circle radial I done, more or less... but I have a problem to create a rectangle with radial progress bar, is for enable a element on menu item. The element has a rectangle shape. Thanks for help!!
  3. Hi, is it possible with Phaser make a radial progress bar, like the progress bar on 'clash royale' for loading a unit? Thanks for help!!
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