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    danksch got a reaction from Deltakosh in Convert space to screen coordinates   
    For whatever reason, it works now. I can't say why; I changed a couple of things in between and lost track of the things I've altered; been coding for too long non-stop now.
    I'm accessing the viewport via scene.activeCamera.viewport, which results in screen coordinates between 0 and 1. 
    To get pixel values in order to place my Text2D or Shape2Ds, I do
    for anyone who's interested. 
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    danksch reacted to Deltakosh in Update Text2D in Canvas2D   
    Hello you should consider using Babylon.GUI instead: http://doc.babylonjs.com/overviews/gui
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    danksch got a reaction from Wingnut in Problem with animation action   
    Thanks for the fast and productive answer, fixed it right away!
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    danksch reacted to Wingnut in Problem with animation action   
    Hi danksch... there ya go, that should work.  Good test scene, by the way.
    Look at line 35.  See BJS_event (any name will work).  It is a special event object that arrives automatically in executeCodeAction functions.
    If you examine that event object, you'll see...
    Object { source: Object, pointerX: 494, pointerY: 109, meshUnderPointer: Object, sourceEvent: pointerdown, additionalData: undefined }
    In line 38, we make tile = the meshUnderPointer.  Works gooooood.  Hope this helps.  Party on!
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    danksch got a reaction from Wingnut in Block input action while animation is played   
    Hey @Wingnut,
    thanks for the thorough answer (plus the playground), I really appreciate it! 
    Your solutions make sense; actually, I've already been using the callback-argument to resume the idle sprite animation. Just didn't think about switching a boolean on and off...well, sometimes it's the simple things.
    Thanks again!
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    danksch reacted to Wingnut in Block input action while animation is played   
    Hiya @danksch, welcome to the forum.  Let's tour THIS playground:  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9WUJN#22
    First, you should know that this was ORIGINALLY a 180 frame animation, but I added 5 more frames in lines 37-40 (box does not change position at all during that 5 frames at the end). 
    I do this...  because we are about to put a BABYLON.AnimationEvent on frame 180.  BUT, a 0-180 frame animation... might never "land-on" frame 180.  Often, the last frame is 178.6 or 179.2, etc.  An animationEvent placed on frame 180... might never occur. 
    Now you know WHY I added some frames BEYOND the AnimationEvent on frame 180.
    Watch the JS console.  You'll see the AnimationEvent (from lines 45-48) report to console near/at the animation ending.
    There is ANOTHER way... a "callback" called 'onAnimationEnd'.  It is available as a final arg/parameter in line 61... scene.beginDirectAnimation().  This calls my onAnimationEndFromCallbackFunc()... in lines 54-57.
    Okay, NOW you have TWO different types of "triggers/actions" that signal the end of an Animation.  What can you do with it?
    Well, you spoke-of stopping keypresses during animation runs.  BUT, WHAT IF, instead, you block startMyAnimation()... IF boolean flag OkToStartAnim... is set false? 
    Begin by using a function to START your animation (perhaps called from within your keyDown handler func).  Example:
    var startMyAnim = function() { if (OkToStartAnim) { scene.beginDirectAnimation(blah, blah, blah); OkToStartAnim = false; } }; As soon as you start your animation, ALSO set global OkToStartAnim flag...  to false.  If OkToStartAnim is false, the user can do keypresses until they go crazy, but no repeat-starting of THIS animation. 
    Using EITHER method of "my animation has ended", you can set your OkToStartAnim = true;  THEN the user will be able to start a "repeat" animation.
    SO... OkToStartAnim is this one animation's "starter lock", right?  You can use EITHER of the end-of-animation handlers to toggle that boolean lock.  With me?  I hope so.  Holler if you have any questions.  Party on!
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