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  1. Just like @Milton said, I guess some forums got a bit more centralized into their own tech and despite of the negative impact on more generalized ones, it has some good obvious advantages. In the last few years the entire internet seem to have bent towards more direct communication services, like Discord. I don't really know if there are any mechanisms that allows for non Discord users to make use of the information shared in their servers and that for me just sounds pathological! Forums are just wide open libraries for anyone who needs info and are easily found through a web search! Not
  2. Correction, you made two games with only HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I really like the Snake one, it has a very interesting perspective! This looks very good @danielmocanu, I have to say.
  3. I use gVim on Windows 7. Warning: I advise you to never try vim's modal editing or you won't find anything but Vim pleasant to use. You'll be doomed forever like I am. I'd recommend: VSCode, Sublime Text and WebStorm. I'll also be trying Codelobster as @clod mentioned.
  4. I'll try to do a little benchmark here, but I don't believe it does. Hopefully someone with more experience will pop up! An obvious advantage of atlases is that you can fetch many sprites with just one request, which is inherently good.
  5. Thanks @Jammy it does make a lot of sense to me (sorry for taking so long to respond, I'm working on my latest game and hopefully will be posting on the showcase post soon). A few weeks ago I made a CSS 3D game (I would not recommend doing that), and I had to do it all from scratch because the way I was going about it was too specific. As you said, you can learn a lot from doing that, like understanding why a framework does something the way it does and maybe even improving it! Thanks for engaging @Jammy, it's nice to see things from many points.
  6. Despite the fact that I like doing it for fun, I couldn't agree more with you @Jammy, If you intend to deliver good quality products and have less headaches along the way, Phaser/Pixi+howler in my opinion are way to go. Maybe it's just me being finicky, but I'm still interested in learning from whoever went against the stream and know their reasons to do it. (I'm using Pixi for my current game btw)
  7. This is a little derivative and perhaps not the most relevant topic but it's rather just me being curious. Do any of you actually write your commercial titles from ground up1? I enjoy developing my own architectures and tackling some of the little mundane tasks that writing a game without libraries has, but also acknowledge that yes, these libraries potentially solve issues I would never imagine and in a way more skilled developers know it's best. But I'm learning, and learning is a process. Whoever enjoys making games from scratch knows the joy of it, but has any of you been brave enou
  8. You're determination is outstanding @Eric Matyas, we all appreciate the work you've been doing so far!
  9. It makes total sense when you look at it this way. Problem being, by doing some pretty quick math here I'd have to pay about $240 USD in total (btw that is R$1000 BRL my country's currency, terribly expensive!) the extra $140 bucks there is because it would be necessary to buy a really cheap old iPhone just to setup two step verification. Handing off $240 bucks for a solo developer in my budget is like a shot in the dark. Question, would I do it if I those resources available? Undoubtedly! But for a still maturing platform I'd rather think twice before stepping in. @Noel: Good point Noel
  10. Hello @spooky_turnip. I'm somewhat clueless about it too, but still searching for information. This post shed some light to me, though it also made me feel very bad about their platform, specially knowing that an Apple Developer account is quite heavy for my budget + the apple product complications they mentioned... Wouldn't it be easier if they just included this Apple Developer Team ID thing as a plus only for folks who are really targeting iOS? (Note: I hope someone with more knowledge about the subject refutes this if it's wrong!) I'll try to keep updating this thread as soon as I l
  11. Though simple, I really like the clear aesthetics of your game. Good job!
  12. Hey folks, what's going on? * I'm still a baby-worm level Phaser developer, so warn me if I'm doing anything wrong! As far as I know, many frameworks have some tricks and quirks that are not very clear when you visit the good looking Github page (or website, or dungeon, multiversal spiritual portal [it's over now, I'm not going to use BGE again..], etc) to download it. My intent here is to learn and document about those little things that are not listed anywhere and you can certainly stumble upon one day. Alright people, if you have experienced what I'm talking about here, let me hea
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