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  1. Great list, Saw that you have missed out Brashmonkey's Spriter It's a must have for 2d animation in my opinion!
  2. I just wanted to update that recently the site has been rebuilt! It's now far faster then before and just feels so much nicer to use.
  3. We have over 300 games all available to embed into your site, a lot are also mobile compatible. Https://play.idevgames.co.uk
  4. New site for sharing and selling assets https://assets.idevgames.co.uk
  5. iDev

    Synth Hero

    Hi @ShrewdPixel Thanks for your feedback! As the game speeds up and the triangles are generated at random it is impossible to make the them match the notes completely. Non the less I've tried to match the triangles to the BPM hopefully making it feel like it has better timing. That being said I've also made the key presses more forgiving giving a little more room for a delay or an early press. The update is live: https://play.idevgames.co.uk/game/synth-hero/ Hopefully it's fixed some of your issues!
  6. iDev

    Synth Hero

    Thanks for your reply's. @socceronly Do you think I have made it too difficult?
  7. Don't forget https://play.idevgames.co.uk
  8. iDev

    Synth Hero

    Hi all! Over the past week I came up with this fun idea for a simple free arcade game. I was hoping I could get some feedback! The triangles flow down the screen and you have to press left,down and/or right arrow keys on your keyboard when in the hollow triangles at the bottom of the screen. The longer you go the faster and harder it will get. Similar to guitar hero you have an excitement meter which fills when you hit triangles and drop when you miss. Which the game is over when your excitement meter has been depleted. You also get higher multipliers with longer streaks.
  9. Thanks! The site is continuously progressing and growing.
  10. Hi @Krisztian Varga, I've been at this for awhile xD. I have worked hard to try and help developers earn from their HTML5 games and continue to do so. I have a thread here I posted a long time (When the site was new) I would really appreciate it if you showed your support by leaving your thoughts about the site over there to help other developers find the site: Thanks!
  11. Bitcoin Wallet Simulator Bitcoin wallet simulator is Inspired by real life bitcoin mining and markets. Earn bitcoin on timed intervals from mining which will appear in your account automatically. Invest in more mining speed to earn bitcoin quicker and invest in mining power to earn more bitcoin every mining interval. As bitcoin is not traceable it's possible that the process of mining could be hacked! You will have to invest in a firewall to stop the hackers from stealing your hard earned bitcoin, the costs of purchasing a firewall will depend heavily on the amount of bitcoin your looking
  12. Hi! Nice idea. Is the banner designed to be integrated in game on within the page it is displayed on?
  13. Hi @eazylow! It is still very early days for my-ga.me so due to the amount of traffic we have been receiving through the shortened links I have been unable to fill the advertising. As this then affects the earnings for play.idevgames.co.uk developers I decided to disable earnings through the shortened links temporarily. As more advertisers get on board this will then be re-enabled. That being said you can still use the service to display ads on your website or on your play.idevgames.co.uk games. also @NullMoon unfortunately there wont be reward based in game advertising any time soo
  14. I think its a fantastic game! Keep up the great work.
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