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  1. I just wanted to update that recently the site has been rebuilt! It's now far faster then before and just feels so much nicer to use.
  2. We have over 300 games all available to embed into your site, a lot are also mobile compatible. Https://
  3. New site for sharing and selling assets
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    Synth Hero

    Hi @ShrewdPixel Thanks for your feedback! As the game speeds up and the triangles are generated at random it is impossible to make the them match the notes completely. Non the less I've tried to match the triangles to the BPM hopefully making it feel like it has better timing. That being said I've also made the key presses more forgiving giving a little more room for a delay or an early press. The update is live: Hopefully it's fixed some of your issues!
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    Synth Hero

    Thanks for your reply's. @socceronly Do you think I have made it too difficult?
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    HTML5 Game Portals

    Don't forget
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    Synth Hero

    Hi all! Over the past week I came up with this fun idea for a simple free arcade game. I was hoping I could get some feedback! The triangles flow down the screen and you have to press left,down and/or right arrow keys on your keyboard when in the hollow triangles at the bottom of the screen. The longer you go the faster and harder it will get. Similar to guitar hero you have an excitement meter which fills when you hit triangles and drop when you miss. Which the game is over when your excitement meter has been depleted. You also get higher multipliers with longer streaks. As the speed changes over time and the game is designed to eventually become impossible, the notes can't be in beat to the music unlike guitar hero etc. Though that being said the background does react to the music! Also please let me know what you think. is it too hard? What would you change? All suggestions welcome. Thanks, -iDev
  8. Thanks! The site is continuously progressing and growing.
  9. Hi @Krisztian Varga, I've been at this for awhile xD. I have worked hard to try and help developers earn from their HTML5 games and continue to do so. I have a thread here I posted a long time (When the site was new) I would really appreciate it if you showed your support by leaving your thoughts about the site over there to help other developers find the site: Thanks!
  10. Bitcoin Wallet Simulator Bitcoin wallet simulator is Inspired by real life bitcoin mining and markets. Earn bitcoin on timed intervals from mining which will appear in your account automatically. Invest in more mining speed to earn bitcoin quicker and invest in mining power to earn more bitcoin every mining interval. As bitcoin is not traceable it's possible that the process of mining could be hacked! You will have to invest in a firewall to stop the hackers from stealing your hard earned bitcoin, the costs of purchasing a firewall will depend heavily on the amount of bitcoin your looking to protect. Firewalls will only last 60 seconds before you will need to buy a new one. So you will need to aim to purchase a firewall after purchasing an upgrade to keep the costs as low as possible. The bitcoin lottery is the best way to earn, every so often you will win a random perk, which could be a bonus or even time 5 on all bitcoin earnings for 10 seconds. Best of all you can gamble your lottery win with a higher or lower mini game for either double or nothing. Earning bitcoin is fun... sure. Though like real life it's only worth what the market price is in a real world currency. Bitcoin simulator has a simulated market that will grow and plummet differently in every game. Giving you the ability to bank your virtual bitcoin against the market price. It's up to you to decide how much you would like to sell and when to make the most of you bitcoin. Bitcoin wallet simulator is completely free to play, please let me know if you enjoy it. Thanks, -iDev Click Here To Play
  11. Hi! Nice idea. Is the banner designed to be integrated in game on within the page it is displayed on?
  12. Hi @eazylow! It is still very early days for so due to the amount of traffic we have been receiving through the shortened links I have been unable to fill the advertising. As this then affects the earnings for developers I decided to disable earnings through the shortened links temporarily. As more advertisers get on board this will then be re-enabled. That being said you can still use the service to display ads on your website or on your games. also @NullMoon unfortunately there wont be reward based in game advertising any time soon. It would be nice to have this service for web games like we have seen in android and ios games but at the moment it is impossible for me to make happen. But never say never!
  13. I think its a fantastic game! Keep up the great work.
  14. @RelativeNull Currently the site as a whole gets around 50 - 100 visitors on an average day when no one releases anything new. You can also see at the top of the site how many members the site has got which at the moment is 256 members. You can also see how many games, tutorials and dev logs that has been published on the site. Which the site currently has 78 games, 11 tutorials and 24 dev logs. Also you will see statistics for your own games and see where your players came from. You also can delete your game completely from the server, update your game and publish your game publicly on the site at any time. The site gives you the tools to manage your games and posts however you want, easily and quickly. You can also keep your games private so you can test your game or wanted to only share your link with beta testers before going public.
  15. Hi @RelativeNull, Glad you like the look of the platform! It's taken a lot to get to where it is today. I aim to market everyones games like their my own. Every game is automatically tweeted out on our twitter at random and posted on our facebook. Also I email out every new game to our members. The ads pay $4 per 1000 views currently. Though hopefully increase over time as we display gaming adverts to gamers which makes the quality of advertising higher then generic platforms. Though it is early days at this point. Also @GrosSacASacs, you can add as many games as you like (I have 10 myself) for as long as you like. The games can be deleted when ever you want too. The money depends on the game plays as said above you can earn $4 for every 1000 views. More information on the advertising can be found at Thanks, -iDev
  16. Thanks! Theres some great developers making some great games. Embedding the games will support the devs
  17. I just wanted to give a small update. The platform has continued to grow so much that I have created my own advertising platform and URL shortener that now powers Play iDev Games. This means the adverts are now gaming ads and not that I was never happy with. As i've said many times, wasn't the end goal. Thanks, -iDev
  18. Hi all! I posted about my site to help developers earn more from web games using here: was never the end goal and lately the quality of their ads have become far worse. So I decided it was time to create my own alternative, specifically for gaming! is a URL shortening service which will allow you to make some extra money when sharing gaming URL's and perfect for sharing your own games. If you sign up you can create custom link for making a perfect url for your game. It's also a good way to get gaming traffic at a low price at only $5 for 1000 unique visitors. Thanks! -iDev
  19. Hey, I appreciate your input on this again. You are right with contract work and sponsorship but that being said I can't think of a way to tie that into the platform currently. boasts above a $2 cpm which isn't bad at all. It's not an end goal but it's an improvement compared to other web platforms. That being said you can also ask for donations and patreon subscribers as well as turn ads off. Giving you more ways to earn and more choice. I want to explore more ways to help developers earn, work exclusively with an ad network or set up my own network in the future. You have to walk before you can run. That being said if you do have any ideas please let me know!
  20. Hi All! I'm a single indie game developer who has released games on steam, android,, gamejolt and kongregate etc. Though I felt like I hit a problem when it came to monetizing web games. I found with mobile games, advertising was the best way to earn. So of coarse earning from ad's with your small HTML5 games should be the best way to earn from web games but sites like kongregate only give you on average 25% of ad earnings. While even though I personally love for selling games, you can only earn from donations when it comes to web games. Leaving you with the only option of hosting the games yourself, which means you are alone in driving traffic to your games. So I set out to not only design a platform that allows developers to earn from ad's ( ad's). So I set out to not only design a platform that allows developers to earn from ad's (ads from our own advertising network serving exciting gaming adverts players will want to see). A platform which is easy to use, quick to sign up and allows you to instantly publish your games online. A platform which is 100% mobile friendly allowing players to play your games on far more devices. Best of all, you will earn 100% from your game's players. The play arcade is completely free and allows you to get your game online and start earning within minutes. It is the simplest and quickest way to start earning from your games with ad's. No need for API's, it's all built into the site. Also I want to make the point that I do not earn anything from the site currently, I built the platform originally for my own game's and because this was something that I wanted from a web based platform. I will also never charge for this service or forcefully take a percentage of your ad earnings in the future. The site is still being developed but is fully functional with some pretty cool features too, like: Embed your games easily on any site and still earn from every player Allow your players to give you donations through paypal Allow your players to subscribe to your patreon Turn off ad's at any time and turn them on again... Even choose the frequency your ad is displayed People can review your games Publish your games to the site instantly Keep your game private when testing The site is growing everyday and I hope you decide to take a look. Thanks, -iDev