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  1. I have 13 years of game development experience This is the game I developed recently. Demo Url: https://static.luesengogo.com/h5/ Game video:
  2. Hi, I'm interested I have 12 years of exp in game development, 4 years of exp in h5 game development. My email: bingqimao@qq.com
  3. This h5 engine is so good 1. LayaAir used AS3.0 script 2. FairyGUI support LayaAir and Flash 3. Flash used AS3.0 I try to use my company game to test First, I used LayaAir and FairyGUI release H5 app, android app and IOS app Then I changed LayaAir engine to Flash engine, exmple: change websocket to socket, change Loader, Change Timer. after changed, I can use FlashBuilder release Flash app and Windows app, it just use few days change LayaAir engine to Flash engine. It means, If you use LayaAir and FairyGUI, It's very easy to release app to all platform ->
  4. I hope it will be released on Facebook messager games at end of this year Next Plans: 1. Add more Skills in the fight stage. 2. Fight stage Result. 3. Fight stage Score. 4. Fight stage items. 5. Game UI. New features: 1. Change Format -> Change equipment and pets, all of them used spine 3d animation. 2. Sack-> Level up equipments and pets 3. Different Stages and Boss \
  5. LayaAir have an IDE, u can use it make Apk or android project and ios project i didn't try to use it for my new project but i try to use it make pocker game for my company, apk, android project and ios project
  6. haha, I'm a old developer I started to make game from 2008 1. 2008-2017, flash game 2. 2015-2017, h5 game This game is used these engine and tools 1. H5 engine, LayaAir, this engine is very wonderful, I just used safari to play it, this game will have 55~60fps 2. UI IDE, FairyGUI, I can't find other UI EDIT IDE is good than it, I can use it do anything, and it's very very easy, it has timeline like flash, and it has more useful components. I can use it make UI on diffrient size of mobile, yeah, just use IDE, not source. 3. Spine, 3D animation tools
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