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  1. Is like having countup with 20 characters. Am also new to Phaser. Maybe there is a way setting characters count in tween or adding an overflow?
  2. Hey @loki1991 , thank you for the feedback In my game i don't have such option when it can count another win points as am disabling all buttons during the countup animation. I have another issue here. I added the below code for points countup animation creditsMeterLines = game.add.text(0, 0, "100", { font: "44px lcditrichregular", fill: "#ff0000", boundsAlignH: "right"}); creditsMeterLines.setTextBounds(785, 423, 108, 32); game.add.tween(creditsMeterLines).to({text:1000},2000,"Linear",true); and it is animating numbers throughout game full width not inside the element box area where i have the numbers. Any way of setting some overflow so it animates numbers in the specific space area? Thanks.
  3. @loki1991 thank you for the feedback. In my game i dont have the animation on click. I just need to animate numbers when user will win. If you can give me an example what you are referring to i would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Great snippet. Thank you @samid737. Will check it out
  5. Is good example @samid737. Can we animate all numbers not specific characters? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I was trying to create numbers count up/down animation with phaser and need some help. I found this but when adding it to my game i am getting a lot of errors. Any idea how i can create such animation with numbers. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes here it is @samid737 basicTableJackpotSymbol = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'basicTableJackpotSymbol'); basicBetInnerWrapRect.addChild(basicTableJackpotSymbol); basicTableJackpotSymbol.alignIn(basicBetLeftRectV1N2, Phaser.CENTER); basicTableJackpotSymbol.frame = 0; activateBasicPSymbols =; activateBasicPSymbols.addMultiple([basicTableJackpotSymbol,basicTableBarSymbol,basicTableMelonSymbol,basicTablePlumSymbol,basicTablePearSymbol,basicTableRaspberrySymbol,basicTableAppleSymbol,basicTableOrangeSymbol,basicTableLemonSymbol,basicTableCherrySymbol,basicTableSignSymbol], false); activateBasicPSymbols.forEach(activateBasicPSymbolsFunc,this); function activateBasicPSymbolsFunc(activatedSymbol){ activatedSymbol.frame = 0; };
  8. I tried with world @samid737 but is not really working. What you mean by Cant i just group them without changing anything in their current parameters? Thanks
  9. Hey @samid737 I was testing the code with some elements and noticed that after grouping they are changing their defined positions(x,y tec) so after grouping they appear not in their previously defined positions. Any way of avoiding this issue please? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello to all coders, I need to add same styling to multiple elements/variables. How i can write the code/syntax in Phaser so i do that with one line of code not 100s lines for same thing. For example basicTableJackpotSymbolOn.alpha = 0; game.add.tween(basicTableJackpotSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true); basicTableBarSymbolOn.alpha = 0; game.add.tween(basicTableBarSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true); basicTableMelonSymbolOn.alpha = 0; basicBetYellowRectV2N3Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N4Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N5Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N6Point.fill = '#999999'; Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey @illscode, Am also a beginner in creating slot machine with Phaser. I found this thread and your above code which is quite good. Am only not managing to see the spinning animation. Can you please help me out with it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey jackrugile hello. Thank you for the working solution. It was a timesaver for me.
  13. Hello, Am trying to get this type of outlined box as you have above. Can you please help me with advise how you achieved this result? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, Am building my first game with Phaser and am a beginner. Am trying to code the grid which i attached. I have read some articles about the grids in phaser and at some articles was suggested to create it in html and position it over the canvas but in that way i will have issues with resizing. Also i cant have it as one whole image cause i have animations on each winning case which highlights the win symbol and its points. Any ideas how i can achieve this type of grids creation? Thanks.