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  1. Hello guys, Love the new version and all the new possibilities. One thing I would love to have is the ability to wait for an animation to finish to launch another event using Promise and Async / Await Do you think that's doable ?
  2. I just copied the line in the basic PG for animation. I'm not looping in my code, sorry for that. Here is a PG : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2BLI9T#167
  3. Hello, I used to go to a specific frame in an animation by launching this command : scene.beginAnimation(box1, 100, 100, true); There is now an error saying : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frame' of undefined Is it possible to go to a specific timeframe another way ? Right now my solution is to be sure that the start and end frames are always differents. Would be cool to make it work like before if there is anything that could prevent it.
  4. Hello, Today I updated the script and now I have to use this : advancedTexture._rootContainer.isVisible = false; To make the whole GUI invisible. That's fine by me but I can't hide the elements inside like before (the debug layer is broken so maybe tomorrow will be better to test further). I was using element.isVisible and set it to true or false to hide it when necessary but I can't edit the value anymore. I also tried on _isVisible but it doesn't work eather. I don't know if gui is broken right now or if I have to do things differently.
  5. Alright, It's the postprocesses lenseffect. I think I'm out of focus. I don't seems to be able to be in focus even by changing value of dof_focus_distance: 3.5, dof_aperture: 0.05, I will need to check it more. Thanks
  6. Hello, Second post about the new GUI :). Strangely the text displayed is blurry. I have no idea why. I made a PG with the code but the result is good : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#249 You can check the result I have in app : Any idea why it would become blurry ?
  7. Hello @Deltakosh, 1. Alright, thanks. I think I will count the letters to autosize a little the rectangle. 2. Thanks Thanks for the help as always
  8. Hello everyone, I'm migrating a script from canvas2d to the new gui. So far so good but I still get some questions. For the first question, I made a basic PG. I would like to know if it's possible to have a rectangle that will adjust width and height based on a textblock text size and margins. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#227 For the second question, I had a button to disable Canvas2D like this : canvasUI.levelVisible = 0; I understand that's not possible with the AdvancedDynamicTexture but is there something I can use to hide everything with one co
  9. @Deltakosh It's working for me also now :). Thanks ! Also, thanks for the gui update, that looks really cool
  10. @Deltakosh Sorry to bother you but did you had some time to check this ?
  11. I got the issue on a second computer. But I have this when I refresh the page with the console enabled. I hit ctrl+f5. Everything is fine with IE executing the same operation. Edit : To be sure I cleared the cache and went back to the url. Activate the console with F12. Hit F5 and I still got the error with Edge
  12. Thank you for the update @Deltakosh. It looks fixed on Internet Explorer but on Edge I still have the error.
  13. Hello, There is some warning consoles on the latest version of Edge and Internet Explorer. They are visible on this page : https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/pbr/ They are related to these lines : element.addEventListener("keydown", this._onKeyDown, false); element.addEventListener("keyup", this._onKeyUp, false); I didn't find any problem with this except the console message but that would clear my console :p.
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