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  1. Press the Q key to launch the missile, and press the E key to launch the interference bullet
  2. Missiles have been added, and jamming bombs have been optimized
  3. Log: 1. Press "E" to release the interference bullet. 2. Add sound 3. Added impact detection and voice alarm 4. Optimized the halo effect 5. Long press the space bar to switch to a free perspective.
  4. When you are in "FPP" mode, you can view the free view by pressing the space bar long and dragging the mouse
  5. Free model source:https://free3d.com/3d-model/uk-eurofighter-typhoon-93005.html
  6. I use blender to edit PBR material and animation for the model
  7. Hi, I just finished a vacation。 The code is here, and you can preview it github address:https://github.com/renjianfeng/flightSimulator github.io:https://renjianfeng.github.io/flightSimulator/released/index.html
  8. Hello. I'm working on a fighter game, and while it's not finished yet, you can enjoy it ahead of time via video, which is open source, and I'll post its github address when I finish the first phase. //On October 8, github address:https://github.com/renjianfeng/flightSimulator github.io:https://renjianfeng.github.io/flightSimulator/released/index.html update:On October 21, new video:
  9. Thanks,That's great advice. I have solved this problem through the Group Animations.
  10. I do have some questions, I would like to get how to control bones in this way in babylonjs.
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