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  1. I like this style of game very much, beautiful!
  2. I now use HTML + CSS to scroll through pages. I want to implement it through the GUI. Is the GUI planning to add this functionality?
  3. Now there are two more game scenarios where you can choose the terrain you like!
  4. Hi, I've edited it!
  5. Good suggestion. I will carry out the plan in the future. I like the rally.
  6. This is an experimental project, and I've done it with Babylon and cannon, and its material presentation depends on babylonjs, and its physical effects depend on cannonjs. You can choose different weather effects: storm, sunny day, evening, midnight; You can control the direction of the car by [w, s, a, d] and control the brake by the space bar. You can use the "View" button to switch between the inside View and the outside View This project is constructed by TypeScript and managed by project engineering through webpack. cdn: github :
  7. I'm not sure if it's because of my network problem, I can't open your website,I really want to see your demo.
  8. Please ignore this stupid question of mine, because it works well in the latest version. Thank you for your advice.
  9. I realized it at the playground As you can see, when you press two buttons at the same time and then release one, the up event of the other button is also executed.
  10. Hi, I have three button on the GUI interface, I mainly want to implement a game handle, a button says "fire", the other two buttons said "direction", now the problem is, when I press the two buttons at the same time, "onPointerDownObservable" event is executed correctly, but "onPointerUpObservable" event only carried out the last of the button, how to set up a web page or other parameters? thinks!!!
  11. I believe this is not the responsibility of Babylon, it may be the error of the model file.I'm working on it.
  12. Yes, but all the models currently are in.obj format, and the number is very large. I can only use a method that can be used in batches.
  13. I tried to import the obj file, and obj contained a number of posts, but in babylonjs, it seemed that each child's map was replaced with the last one. I looked at the console, and the network window shows these stickers loaded. Here's the demo: The correct effect should be: blender: threejs: babylonjs:(The wrong)
  14. I think I found the reason, because I used objloader, so I need to set this property: BABYLON.OBJFileLoader.OPTIMIZE_WITH_UV = true; Thank you very much!
  15. This is a third-person shooter demo. If you like it, please give me stat. It USES babylonjs, such as ArcRotateCamera. github:
  16. Hi ! I want to move a project from three to babylonjs, and I have the following problems. The material of the model is shown correctly in threejs and 3dsmax, only in babylonjs.
  17. Hi! I now know that you can freeze dynamic shadows with this setup. shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().refreshRate = BABYLON.RenderTargetTexture.REFRESHRATE_RENDER_ONCE; However, there are still a few movable objects in my scene, can you add a similar one in the future, such as mesh. ShadowRefreshRate=60 setting, to set the shadow matrix calculation of some mesh.
  18. Hi,That's my advice. Babylon.js v3.1 introduced a new feature: Occlusion Queries. Occlusion Queries detect whether a Mesh is visible in the current scene or not, and based on that the Mesh get drawn or not. Occlusion Queries is useful when you have an expensive object on the scene and you want to make sure that it will get drawn if it is visible to the camera and it is not behind any opaque object. BabylonJs provides an implementation for Occlusion Queries using property occlusionType in AbstractMesh Class Doc: And: Optimize your scene: Optimize Your Scene with Octrees: Use SceneOptimizer:
  19. HI,I have a scene where I need to create a lot of environment maps, so I used Reflection Probes, and after the mesh and material are ready, do the following: probe.refreshRate = BABYLON.RenderTargetTexture.REFRESHRATE_RENDER_ONCE; This works especially well. My question is, I have much more special mesh in the scene, if every time I go to use reflection probes, will extend its load time, so, I want to keep reflected probe the face of the six cubes into images.