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  1. Supplement: It has not been completed yet, and there are many known bugs, such as unlimited bullets and ineffectual melee attacks.
  2. Hello, I'm back, this is a new version of the demo I implemented, and you can see it in the babylonjs engine. github: Technical details: Babylon-navigation-mesh: babylonjs: video: A previous demonstration:
  3. Hello, everyone! I want to use babylonjs to develop a game, but it requires a lot of modeling and animation, and I want to implement it in the following way. I have these files below: 1.A model file (including skeleton and model, but no animation); 2.Multiple skeletal animation files (including bones and animation, but no model); This problem does not exist when I merge the model and the skeleton into a single file, but in such a way it is necessary to re-modify all the model files every time you add a skeleton action. So, I want to control the different actions of the model through multiple skeletal animation files. What can be done to load the model and skeleton separately, and then control the action of the model through a specific skeleton animation file?
  5. I tried to import a model through ImportMesh, and it made an error in the console, and mesh disappeared at some part of the camera. url:
  6. yes!!! title:Model Debugging Tool; by:Forreall and img(800*500)
  7. Well,Now, you can use her English version, and on this basis, we added and fixed some features, and now you can save the position, scaling, and rotation of Mesh.can you help us put it on the babylonjs website? @Deltakosh
  8. Hello, everyone, I used PBR material in one of our scenes, I want to try to get occlusionTexture with 3dsmax, how to operate it?
  9. I set the mesh renderingGroupId attribute, but the view of the pick will still be blocked by the mesh. When a mesh covers the camera.
  10. Next we should release the English version, can you help us put it on the babylonjs website? @Deltakosh
  11. Yes, it will at least support both Chinese and English languages
  12. Our editor USES your framework, it's great!
  13. url: This is a simple and efficient material debugging tool that allows you to upload your own model, and then export the unique identification of the url, like "babylonjs - playground", some of the above function on existing tools, such as:, and now, it supports the material properties of very little, but we will extend the content later. You can simply modify the properties below PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial 、PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial 、 StandardMaterial 、light Here's a video demonstration
  14. My god!! Web version of 3ds max?It's shocking. Our team is actually doing the same thing, but you're much better than we are....
  15. Added new maps and lighting effects
  16. Thank you very much. I have noticed the library you sent to me. Please give me some time. I will get to know it
  17. Do you know this is one of my personal projects, I only have a few time to improve her, in China the programmer's job is to need to often work overtime to complete, my time is limited, I have already had a period of time did not understand nodejs, I need to study it, I will add a multiplayer version in the future, but before this, please allow me to finish a perfect stand-alone version, sorry ~ ~ I time is really limited, brother
  18. I need to do a whole operation on all the mesh, like this: Ground. Scaling = new BABYLON. Vector3 (0.1, 0.1, 0.1) Rotation, scaling, position and so on That's why I got the meshes to the ground. Do you have a better way to do this?
  19. I need to know which default parameters need to be set in 3dsmax to avoid these problems,Please forgive me for my poor English. I have used some automatic translation tools.
  20. 2.The position of the mesh is incorrect For example, the position of the door frame
  21. Hi ,When I use the Babylon file, which is exported by the 3dsmax exporter, some of the time, my model will have all sorts of weird problems. I list some problems, because of these features in 3 ds Max normal performance, Only in babylonjs will appear problem, Maybe I, informs it incorrectly, Only at some point will there be a problem, what is straightforward. 1.Some time, when I add parent to the mesh as a whole, the loaded model returns to the center of the scene. var groundMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("groundMaterial", scene); groundMaterial.alpha = 0; var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround("ground", 512, 512, 32, scene, false); ground.material = groundMaterial; for (var i = 0; i < scene.meshes.length; i++) { scene.meshes[i].position.y += 13; if (i < scene.meshes.length - 1) { scene.meshes[i].parent = ground; } } ground.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.1, 0.1, 0.1) Before using After using
  22. Add VolumetricLight Optimized for shadows and Blizzard effects!