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  1. The problem is on It should change the color of the character. But it isn't.
  2. Is it possible? Because I want to make the gUI transparent so it looks better.
  3. I didn't know that gUI has a documentation right now. Before, Canvas2D was supported I guess. gUI is pretty cool, I will try to learn it since it is well documented right now.
  4. As I remember, the GUI was not well documented. And, it was kind of difficult to use. I'll try the previous release of Babylon. Even though, I think I am using Babylon 3.0.
  5. (Ugh I accidentally posted it in the main forum.) I returned on this project recently. I don't understand why the Interface doesn't work.
  6. Thank you for making such a detailed explanation and playground. Thank you, now I know this is possible at least!
  7. Is it possible to make an in-game screenshot option with post processing effects in BABYLONJS? For example, I press a button and 2 options appear: Focus, and brightness. And also the Finish screenshot button. I adjust them and press the finish screenshot button and the screenshot is saved on my computer.
  8. I just found out I could just make the cube longer so it reaches the head.
  9. Is that possible? If I set it like that: face.position.x = char.position.x face.position.z = char.position.z It will just stand still. I currently have. face.position = char.position It makes the cube follow the mesh. But, I want the cube on the head, but it is in the torso.
  10. It won't hurt the performance. And following statistics I can say it is ok to put big text. Before: 60 fps After: 60 fps No Change
  11. Holy moly, that's very messed.... Maybe the UV Map is incorrect?
  12. Lol I thought you were asking what is the question about and I didn't read the username.
  13. If you are using Google Chrome 60 Beta or 61 Dev. That means: the problem is the browser.
  14. This looks amazing! Though, you need a good PC to handle this. But, what is the question? I see the playground has the skeleton. Try to move it around? And make it ragdoll-type?
  15. @jerome I did it!!! It was a typo I just noticed while doing something! YAAAAAYYYY!!!
  16. @jerome 1. Yes, status code 200, and 304. 2. It DID work in playground, so that means everything is correct right? Everything is correct!
  17. I removed the min.js edit: added it back, still doesn't work.
  18. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getEngine' of undefined at ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.Canvas2D [as constructor] (babylon.canvas2d.js:17000) at new ScreenSpaceCanvas2D (babylon.canvas2d.js:18776) at create (preview.html:41) at createScene (preview.html:134) at preview.html:370
  19. Html5 elements ARE possible but, there is no documentation about that since that is a good glitch.