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  1. Thank you very much for your answer ! I'm just not sure where to set the dirty variable to true. I tried to set it on inputOver but then it's immediately back to false and the bug still occurs. I fixed the bug by setting pointer.dirty = true in the update loop, but then it will be always reset to true. Is it the correct way to do?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a sprite moving when the mouse is over it and I'd like it to stop when the mouse is not over it anymore. Here is my code: => touchMouse = true); => touchMouse = false); and update() { if (touchMouse) { mySprite.x += 5; } } My sprite is correctly moving but the onInputOut signal is not dispatched if I don't move the pointer out of the initial position of the sprite !! This result in my sprite moving out of my pointer and continuing its journey until I move my mouse... Is it a phaser bug? Has anyone a solution to make this work? Thank you very much and have a good day, Simon Edit: I just tried to use the Phaser.InputHandler object instead but I got the same kind of bug. Here is the code: update() { if (mySprite.input.pointerOver()) { mySprite.x += 5; } }