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  1. I have an issue with the audio when first start the game in the menu state. The audio doesn't play. But after I start playing the game from another state and return to the menu state it works fine. When i test in android phone it doesn't work properly, but when I test emulator it seems to work fine. I use phonegap to build the app. Below is the code to my menu state var menuAudio = null; var menuState = { create: function () { this.menuAudio ='cheering'); this.menuAudio.loop = false; this.menuAudio.volume = 1;; var favButton =,780,"favFolder",this.favMovies,this); favButton.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5); }, favMovies: function(){ if (this.menuAudio != null) { this.menuAudio.destroy(); } game.state.start("difficulty"); } }
  2. Hi I followed your instructions to but i get error VisualTimer undefined when i did the below. I included the VisualTimer.js in the index.html (lib/VisualTimer.js) and in the preload.js file i did'VisualTimer', 'lib/VisualTimer.js'); var indicator = new VisualTimer({ game:, x: 123, y: 456, seconds: 60, onComplete: function() {} }); indicator.start(); Thanks
  3. thanks flashyGoblin adding game.input.maxPointers = 3; worked. I checked initially maxPointers = 1 thanks
  4. I'm not sure if it is the phaser 2.4.2 having issues with multitouch. I have 3 buttons left, right and jump. if i click right my sprite character runs right and left it runs left. if i press the right or left button and the jump at the same time it doesn't jump. Also when i touch the jump button and i touch the left or right button the character doesn't move left or right while in the air. But if i don't have the jump touch button pressed and i press the right or left button while in the air it works.
  5. Hi I am new to Phaser and for my game i only need 2 touch at the same time. My game character can run left, right and jump. When i test using the keyboard the character can jump while running left or right. But when i use the touch screen while the character is running it can't jump. thanks