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  1. Its still only Business Only for verification as far as i'm aware.
  2. i dont think it matters what phone they test with unless you're working to the Lighter IG games (less than 1mb and work on Android 4.x.x)
  3. Does matchAsync() return anything when there is a match? ie. does it return who is player1/player2 or something like that? What i'd like to do is random two players, and one of them will play their move, and the other one will get a 'wait for other player to make their move', type of thing... Thanks.
  4. Hiya, We've made a turn based instant game where people can choose to play against their friends.. This works fine. But we're looking at possibly adding the ability to play against a Random Opponent. Has anyone had any experience in making something like this? At the moment if i put a button on to 'Play Random Player' it will search for another player (matchasync).. and if someone else is looking it will create the link. However, i'm struggling to get my head around it, because i dont really want this and want to know if there is another way? Because what i need it really that you click 'Play Random' and then it starts up the game, player makes their move, and then it sends the game data to a random player?
  5. @pinguI went for business verification, but I signed up for a DUN's Number (UK and I think US) and it linked to my facebook business page, so that's the route I went.. There were hurdles along the way still, but managed to get there in the end.
  6. @NoelHiya, Yes its still happening, I've reported it via the feedback, but i don't see anywhere to report bugs..
  7. @NoelI am almost there with a business verification, but now i have another issue: It has worked before, and i got verification codes, but now its not working? Any ideas?
  8. We're still waiting for Individual Verification for Instant Games. Its available for Apps, but not Instant Games yet.
  9. Hi @Noel, Do you know if it 'is' going to work for Instant Games? (at some point)
  10. Hi @Noel It looks like individual verification has arrived, but it also looks like it's only available for apps, rather than instant games? Is this not going to be an option for us? Should I start a company to move forward? Thanks.
  11. Any luck? I mean even if i can get an email address or something where i can ask questions would be great @Noel
  12. @NoelI tried with two accounts, but neither of them shows the 'Still Need Help?' part... This is what i get: (in both firefox and chrome)
  13. @Noel I do not have a section "Still need help?" All I get are buttons for topics, and a few 'top questions' on that page. I'm assuming you can only get support if you are a verified business?
  14. Hi @Noel, Yes I have an account, and I do have the "?" -> Contact Us. However when I click this, all it gives me is a load of FAQ's and no way of actually asking the question to anyone... It just seems to be a never ending loop of FAQ's that can't find answers..
  15. Is it possible to provide documentation to get business verified if I get a letter from my accountant? and send that in? Or do you actually have to be a limited company?
  16. Whilst i'm waiting for individual verification, i'm looking at these lightweight games and what you need in order to get your game in the lightweight list. I saw that you need to do a screencast of your game on certain mobile devices. I went into my local second hand electrical shop to take a look at the phones available. Its hard to find a phone with the exact model number mentioned in the list. However there was a HTC Desire there. On the list of devices mentioned, it does have HTC Desire but no model number.. Can I assume that any HTC desire will be good enough to get a screen cast? As I've alread spent money on buying an iphone etc to get the apple dev kit.. and dont really want to splash out more money if it doesnt work Thanks
  17. @NoelDid you manage to take a look for us? Would be appreciated, Thanks.
  18. Noel, Do we have a time frame on when we might be getting Individual Verification? Thanks.
  19. I'd like to hear if you manage to get anywhere, cause I can't find any decent contact information... Only relaying stuff through Noel to get any kind of feedback at the moment, and i'm sure he answers a majority of issues. I thought i saw a post recently about Individual Verification coming soon, but i can't find it anywhere any more, so dont know if its been removed, or if i just dreamed it. But yeah, i'm kinda stuck at the moment with our game ready to go, but needing the last hurdle of verification to move forward
  20. Thanks Noel, I have now contacted the Audience Network, and hopefully will get a reply. And yes, the appealing process is that one you suggested (which I should hear from this week). I'm hoping that the issue is that I set it all up before I got the review, and now that the review has passed, hoping the audience network will be ok. Cheers.
  21. My App ID is 263154244429285 I'm basically getting confused about the whole situation of getting a game live. I know there is a new Individual Form to fill in coming in the next few weeks (i think i read from your article). The game has been reviewed and passed, great, i can also play with people that I invite, and they also will see the adverts. But when i look at the Monetisation Manager, it says that the traffic is blocked whilst its in appeal (but still shows ads). Unless i have the wrong end of the stick and it is working fine. The only thing i guess before i launch is to do the Business Verification (as an Individual) which i'll have to wait for.. Thanks.
  22. I have a game made, and have included Reward Adverts and/or Interstitual into the game. I can see them when I play the game, but its saying in the review that 'the traffic has been blocked'. Does this mean that the adverts won't show for people? Do I need to be Business Verified in order to use the Adverts for monetisation?
  23. In the end I didn't change the context.. I just made a work around, so if it errored with the same context, i just wouldn't change it and go back to the game. (Or send it somewhere else if need be, but this would be all done in the 'catch' part if a new context couldn't be created for whatever reason). Hope that helps..