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  1. Hiya,

    We've made a turn based instant game where people can choose to play against their friends.. This works fine.
    But we're looking at possibly adding the ability to play against a Random Opponent. Has anyone had any experience in making something like this?
    At the moment if i put a button on to 'Play Random Player' it will search for another player (matchasync).. and if someone else is looking it will create the link. However, i'm struggling to get my head around it, because i dont really want this and want to know if there is another way? Because what i need it really that you click 'Play Random' and then it starts up the game, player makes their move, and then it sends the game data to a random player?

  2. Whilst i'm waiting for individual verification, i'm looking at these lightweight games and what you need in order to get your game in the lightweight list.

    I saw that you need to do a screencast of your game on certain mobile devices. I went into my local second hand electrical shop to take a look at the phones available. Its hard to find a phone with the exact model number mentioned in the list. However there was a HTC Desire there. On the list of devices mentioned, it does have HTC Desire but no model number.. Can I assume that any HTC desire will be good enough to get a screen cast? As I've alread spent money on buying an iphone etc to get the apple dev kit.. and dont really want to splash out more money if it doesnt work :)


  3. I'd like to hear if you manage to get anywhere, cause I can't find any decent contact information... Only relaying stuff through Noel to get any kind of feedback at the moment, and i'm sure he answers a majority of issues.  I thought i saw a post recently about Individual Verification coming soon, but i can't find it anywhere any more, so dont know if its been removed, or if i just dreamed it.

    But yeah, i'm kinda stuck at the moment with our game ready to go, but needing the last hurdle of verification to move forward :(

  4. My App ID is 263154244429285

    I'm basically getting confused about the whole situation of getting a game live. I know there is a new Individual Form to fill in coming in the next few weeks (i think i read from your article).

    The game has been reviewed and passed, great, i can also play with people that I invite, and they also will see the adverts. But when i look at the Monetisation Manager, it says that the traffic is blocked whilst its in appeal (but still shows ads). Unless i have the wrong end of the stick and it is working fine.

    The only thing i guess before i launch is to do the Business Verification (as an Individual) which i'll have to wait for..