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  1. Thanks for clearing this up, its what i thought, just wanted to be sure. Cheers
  2. I'm assuming this is not possible, But just seeing if anyone has done it, (although it probably breaks some terms and conditions) I've got adverts running (on mobile), but on desktop i just want to show a couple of our own adverts, and i wanted to add links to websites from it. But its blocked opening in sandboxed frame. If not possible, no worries, i'll just advertise like a billboard with no links.
  3. Was there any updates or news about being able to switch to a solo context?
  4. Thanks, it'll be good to know, cause i can see this being a handy function
  5. Great answer this is what i was looking for.. i just wasn't sure how to access it.. (ie. blanks values etc).. I will give it a shot today! Thanks! I've tried to add this in to the game to try get it back to SOLO context.. but when i try this i get an error: "INVALID_PARAM, At least one player id besides the current player'smust be provided. " I will try switchAsync... *Nope same kind of error "Invalid context id for player"
  6. Hiya, I've made a 1v1 game but I would like it so that when a player has taken a turn, instead of quiting out of the game, I would like it to return to the main menu so they have the option of choosing to play someone else. Is there a way of clearing the context, or changing it so that the opponent doesn't keep getting picked up? Can I just use switchAsync('') or context.createAsync('') and apply a blank value? I tried FBInstant.endGameAsync() but i think this is old and doesn't work any more... Do I have to initialise the game everytime? *Never mind, i've just rewrote my Main Menu code.. but would still be good to know if you can clean out an async*
  7. Hey JJ, long time no see Here is a bit of code we use, and seems to work ok: var base64Picture = thumbnailImage; //this thumbnailImage is a large base64picture created online //update the message to player FBInstant.updateAsync({ action: 'CUSTOM', cta: 'Play', image: base64Picture, text: { default: facebookStuff.name + ' played their move', localizations: { en_US: facebookStuff.name + ' played their move', es_LA: '\u00A1' + facebookStuff.name + ' jug\u00F3 su jugada!' } }, template: 'play_turn', data: { myReplayData: '...' }, strategy: 'IMMEDIATE', notification: 'NO_PUSH' }).then(function() { // closes the game after the update is posted. consoleWrite("FBINSTANT Quit"); FBInstant.quit(); }); Don't know if you already got it sorted or not.. but may help.
  8. Hi Noel, I was testing on my Samsung S9, but it seems to work now, I'm not sure why it suddenly started working. I submitted for review (the ads) and was declined, because it wasn't working and still had a load of debugging in the game. But since I did this, it started working.. So could just be that it doesn't work instantly? and you have to wait a few days for it to kick in maybe? I dont know.. But it works now. Just wish I knew what the issue was incase it happened again Thanks for the reply
  9. Hi guys, I'm using Phaser 2 to build a Multiplayer FB game. We've got it pretty much working, but now we're trying to add Rewards/Interstitual Ads, However following the examples/tutorials the best I can, I keep getting and error "Client does not support the message: getinterstitialadasync" (Obviously if I try it with the reward ad code, it would be similar to this) Another example I tried (snippet): const INTERSTITIAL_PLACEMENT_ID = '***_***'; FBInstant.startGameAsync().then(function() { var supportedAPIs = FBInstant.getSupportedAPIs(); if (supportedAPIs.includes('getInterstitialAdAsync')){ displayError("Supported Interstitial API"); FBInstant.getInterstitialAdAsync( INTERSTITIAL_PLACEMENT_ID, // Variable set in scene ).then((interstitial) => { displayError('Interstitial video loading'); //console.log("LOADING INTERSTITIAL"); // Load the Ad asynchronously preloadedInterstitial = interstitial; return preloadedInterstitial.loadAsync(); }).then(function() { displayError("INTERSTITIAL LOADED"); }).catch(function(err){ displayError("INTERSTITIAL FAILED TO LOAD " + err); }); } else { displayError('Insterstitial Ads not supported'); } If I use this code above the supportedAPIs.includes('getInterstitialAdAsyn') also fails. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I have recently added an extra DIV which will output error messages over the top of the game, its ugly, but its just for debugging helps when on the phone.
  11. We have recently developed a simplistic puzzle game, Jigsaw Palace using Phaser engine. With the power of Phonegap/Cordova we've put together an Android version, which is available to download on Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.arcticarcade.jigsawpalacefree&hl=en_GB We created a free version which used Revmob advertisements, but also created a paid for version, which comes without the ads. It would be much appreciated if you could help out by downloading the game and giving it a play, and if you like it, maybe leave a rating (we're not expecting 5 stars, just an honest review). Thanks again for your time, and hopefully you will have some fun playing.
  12. Take a look at storing information in the sql database backend.. if you already have wordpress you should have access to a database.. alternatively you could just use localstorage if its only keeping data for each individual player. You may have to use some php coding to get data from the database (and also to store it).
  13. Blips for me also... but also i think you're adding to the end of the snake quite promptly? from other snake games i've played, i think the end of the snake just stays in the same place and kind of fills out (so it doesn't just add to the end in one go).. anyway just a thought.. Looks good.
  14. I'd personally use a group (in phaser anyway)
  15. buttonText.x=475; buttonText.y=350; buttonText.anchor.set(0.5); or you could add them to a group? and then move the group accordingly?
  16. I would replace this.game.add.group() with this.add.group(); but thats just how my games are set up...
  17. Hiya, I'm trying something now with the latest Dev Build... It might be me just being stupid, but i'm having issues where i have Arcade Physics on a sprite that bounces around a world... I am using debug.body(sprite) to see the bounding box of the body... which is fine... however for some reason when it moves out of a certain area it looks like its getting clipped (the drawing method maybe).. The physics is fine, it just seems the debug is a bit messed up maybe... I'm using the this.camera.follow(sprite); it looks like its masking an area of 640x640, so when it goes out of this area the body debug gets clipped. My game is running at Width 640, Height 960... and looks like camera is taking the width size and not being set up to my world bounds, this.world.setBounds(100, 100, 960, 960); But yeah, might not be a camera issue, rather a game.debug issue... Sorry if this is confusing
  18. Would it be worth using the bullet option? whatever.body.bullet = true;
  19. why can't you just have this.load.image('alien xy blood', 'images/red splatter.png'); ?
  20. Hi, We're made one game using Phonegap and i can show you what we used (roughly to get it to work): 1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <widget xmlns = "http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets" xmlns:gap = "http://phonegap.com/ns/1.0" id = "com.company.gamename" versionCode = "10" version = "1.0.0" > <!-- versionCode is optional and Android only --> <name>GAME NAME</name> <description> A game made for those who would like games. </description> <author href="http://www.website.com" email="info@website.com"> Awesome Team </author> <gap:platform name="android" /> <preference name="orientation" value="portrait" /> <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" /> <preference name="auto-hide-splash-screen" value="true" /> <preference name="webviewbounce" value="true" /> <preference name="stay-in-webview" value="false" /> <preference name="exit-on-suspend" value="false" /> <preference name="BackgroundColor" value="0x00000000"/> <preference name="permissions" value="none" /> <gap:plugin name="org.apache.cordova.device-orientation" /> <icon src="res/android/new-thumb192.png" /> <platform name="android"> <icon src="res/android/new-thumb36.png" density="ldpi" /> <icon src="res/android/new-thumb72.png" density="mdpi" /> <icon src="res/android/new-thumb144.png" density="hdpi" /> <icon src="res/android/new-thumb192.png" density="xhdpi" /> </platform> <access origin="*" /> </widget> **** For the index.html or whatever you called yours, in ours we have the cordova.js: <script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script> 2. This should be covered with the above config to keep it whichever orientation you want. (ie. our game doesn't change and stays static) 3. You should be able to build an APK which you can install onto your mobile device without having an account for google play, or ios. Hope that helps a bit.
  21. would it be that you need moeda.kill(); ?
  22. I've only used Phonegap and Phaser for an android build, but can confirm that it worked. I did however use the Phonegap Cloud builder rather than the download. I guess make sure you have all the config.xml set up correctly? make sure there are no bugs in the code? take out all console.logs (if applicable)?
  23. Dont know if this will help, but what i have recently done is to jump up, setting the velocity.y to a negative number (-650), and also have set gravity... so it will fall again... once at the top of the jump, it will fall, causing the velocity to go negative.. I then set the velocity to 0 once it hits the ground (collides)... Or set the velocity.y to a negative amount again for a bouncing simulation...
  24. Without thinking about it too much, could you not just set the open/closed state without it in the tween? ie: public flip():void { if(this.currentState == TileState.CLOSED) this.currentState =TileState.OPEN; else this.currentState = TileState.CLOSED; if (this.currentState == TileState.OPEN) { ....... ... ..
  25. o0Corps0o

    enemy spawning

    As Rich said eariler, i think the issue looks like it could be where you use these: this.game.load.image("gametitle","assets/title.png"); where it could just be: this.load.image("gametitle","assets/title.png"); This that may also solve your issues with reference. Maybe wrong though, as i'm still 'learning' the ropes as i go