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  1. I'm not sure about how I upload textures or .bablyon scene for playground except for sandbox, but on that site I can't seem to find the save button. I have narrowed the error down to only when i resize the window (for example when i open the chrome console that split the window it creates the error).
  2. Hey I have just started on using babylon. I started using it together with your Unity exporter. I made the camera go from perspective to orthographics and I got a runtime error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'orthoTop' of undefined In this line this._camera.orthoTop = n, as part of n.prototype.updateOrthographicSize = function() { if (0 !== this._orthoSize) { var e = this.scene.getEngine().getRenderingCanvasClientRect() , t = e.width / e.height , n = this._orthoSize , i = n * t; this._camera.orthoTop = n, this._camera.orthoBottom = -n, this._camera.orthoLeft = -i, this._camera.orthoRight = i } } , manager.js