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  1. Would agree, if the game allows to play without saving anything permanently, it should have guest play. I couldn't even try the game.
  2. Great job! Is it just an online version of original Catan or has some unique features?
  3. The link got puny-encoded, needs to be fixed
  4. Hi, apply for adsense, 20-30 players should not be a problem + you can try video ads from Adinplay or similar reseller
  5. it's better now
  6. It lags as hell
  7. Hi, seems you keep updating the game. Looks great!
  8. Had a lot of fun playing) Some updates/upgrades and new locations would be great
  9. Yeah, also didn't get the rules. The game looks like those canvas painting games, but as I understood has a bit different rules. Add some tutorial, tips and etc.
  10. add guest play, nobody likes filling forms the game looks complex is it multiplayer?
  11. Dude, gunfight.io domain redirects to evennode.com. Check it!
  12. Absolutely agree with you! Waiting for players for longer than 5 seconds makes me quit the game. Game should be played immediately otherwise user is gone. And popularity will fix the problem only partially.
  13. Doesn't seem to work, nothing happens when pressing play button As I understood it's going to be web-based and non-free?
  14. titotu

    Boom boom space

    I love the music! And certainly English would be better, that should not be a big deal.
  15. Would be nice and user-friendly if your game either supported old browsers or notified about unsupported browser version and suggested updating. I have the following errors: Uncaught SyntaxError: Block-scoped declarations (let, const, function, class) not yet supported outside strict mode
  16. Didn't quite get how to shoot