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    Fovi reacted to Taz in Sprite height relative to stage / container   
    I think the closest thing is stage scaling. That way no matter how many sprites you add, on resize you only have to set the stage's scale instead of each sprite's.
    Here's a little Code Pen that does this to keep the sprite sized at 100% by 50% of the stage dimensions (you have to open on CodePen to see it resize).
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    Fovi reacted to Taz in Please help with WebGL errors   
    Maybe there's some setup, like creating the renderer/app, that should only be done once but is being done in a loop or being done each frame in animate function? Looks like other issues too with image.
    If you post code we can help better
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    Fovi reacted to xerver in Please help with WebGL errors   
    Means you created a more than 16 WebGL contexts and the browser is killing old ones for your new one.
    Means you loaded an image not natively supported by your browser so it has to do pixel conversion on the CPU.
    Usually means you copy from outside the viewport into a render texture, so to fill the buffer the browser will create a zero-filled buffer.
    As to what you should do to fix it, impossible to know without your code.
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    Fovi reacted to Exca in Couple basic questions   
    1. You can use animatedSprite.
    2. If you want to do culling then you can use object.renderable = false; and keep the visibility on. That way the transforms are updated still and you can calculate if the object should be visible. There's a library specially for tilemaps. It can be found here
    3. You can do tilemaps in many ways. I have done few just by laying sprites next to each other and rendering them. You could also do it so that tilegroups are created into one single texture and then you have only few sprites to render at any given time. Or you could create a custom shader that does the tiling.
    4. There's a containsPoiint -function that checks basic square hit if no hitArea is given. If hitarea is given then it uses that. So just only the basics required for mouse interactions.