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  1. In my code, I use center as 0, 0. My other coordinate are all right, but when I use `getBounds` to get a curve's bound, the return value is incorrect. It seems the x,y is relative to top-left instead of center. Why? How can I get the correct coordinate?
  2. I try to use `containsPoint`, but it always return false. It seems `containsPoint` must work with `startFill & endFill`, but when I use `bezierCurveTo` draw line, the fill not working. But the canvas original function `isPointInPath` is working. Why? Here is my demo:
  3. Sorry, it's complex code (otherwise I can debug by myself). The error happened in CanvasSpriteRenderer, and I find it's new in v4, is there any suggestion debug this? The chain is: viewerRenderer.render(viewerStage); > CanvasRenderer.prototype.render = function render(displayObject, renderTexture, clear, transform, skipUpdateTransform) { ... displayObject.renderCanvas(this); ... } > Container.prototype.renderCanvas = function renderCanvas(renderer) { ... for (var i = 0, j = this.children.length; i < j; ++i) { this.children[i].renderCanvas(renderer); } ... } > Sprite.prototype._renderCanvas = function _renderCanvas(renderer) { renderer.plugins[this.pluginName].render(this); }; > CanvasSpriteRenderer.prototype.render = function render(sprite) { var texture = sprite._texture; var renderer = this.renderer; var width = texture._frame.width; <<<<<< error here var height = texture._frame.height; ... } Because the texture is: baseTexture:null noFrame:true orig:null requiresUpdate:false transform:null trim:null valid:false _events:Events _eventsCount:1 _frame:null _rotate:0 _updateID:0 _uvs:null
  4. When I update pixi.js version v3 to v4, there are some error: pixi.js:20965 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null at CanvasSpriteRenderer.render (pixi.js:20965) at Sprite._renderCanvas (pixi.js:20620) at Sprite.renderCanvas (pixi.js:9346) at Container.renderCanvas (pixi.js:9348) at CanvasRenderer.render (pixi.js:16040) I found out it caused by `var width = texture._frame.width;`, and the `_frame` is null. But it works fine in v3. I read the `Pixi v4 Migration Guide`, but it seems no relevant.