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  1. From 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, the global games market is capable of earning a revenue of 152.1 billion dollars. The astonishing growth in the realm of gaming is mainly credited to the genre of real money games owing to their relentless popularity. The popularity of real money games online has been discussed in this post: Tips for real money game development
  2. Game development business like any other industries is highly competitive now. Cost effective solutions along with turnaround time and industry wide best quality are all what you require to stand out in this spectrum. To know Why to outsource your mobile game development? Read Here: How Convenient is Outsourcing  Of Game Development
  3. The rising demands of diverse games belonging to multiple genres have made the use of social features all the more prominent. With better rates of retention, social features are here to stay to increase attraction and improve engagement. This post can be of value to a game development company who wish to stand out in the current competition with exclusive experience and immense user engagement. Read the impacts of social features on mobile games: https://bit.ly/2X4Fea3 Make your games social with all your desired features and functionalities and create trends with benchmarks.
  4. In today’s billion dollar mobile game development industry, hyper casual games are considered to be one of the hottest trends without any doubt. An investment of 200 million dollars by Goldman Sachs in Voodoo, one of the prominent hyper casual game development companies, implies its growing popularity. Some of the notable features of hyper casual games include-effortless designs with clear visuals, simple UI and lightweight game size. This post can be suitable for you if you are really wishing you to come up with games of this category: Why Would You Choose HYPER CASUAL Game Dev
  5. AI in the gaming industry is to provide an interactive and a realistic experience to players for communicating with the characters or objects. Apart from this, AI also facilitates in sustaining the interest and engagement of the players to make them satisfied for long. There are different ways through which game development and AI are getting advanced and improving for the better. While AI focuses on bringing life into the gaming characters, video games currently are being designed for improving the algorithms which in turn is enhancing the scope of AI in this spectrum. T
  6. As of December 2019, there were more than 500 million smartphone users who made mobile gaming the centre of attraction. With respect to the online gaming landscape, mobile gaming occupies 85 percent of the total. In fact there has been an increase of online gamers across the globe due to the pandemic. 350 million dollars in investments have been generated by the venture capital firms towards the Indian gaming sector. There has been a growth at a CAGR of 22 percent between the first few months of 2020 and 2014. Here read few factors that can make game development m
  7. There have been really some big changes happening in the education field because of the integration of technology with learning. In fact education has transformed to mobiles and desktops at homes from blackboards in classrooms. Game based learning mainly helps in acquiring skills like language, team work, analytical thinking and logical reasoning. Compared to the traditional methods, the interactive learning sessions imparted via games are also effective in enhancing the soft skills of your child. To know more on this subject let us take a look below: How Game-Based Leaning Can
  8. There are many developers you can find who are not fully aware about the crucial steps that are pivotal in making games unique and engaging for the targeted gamers-both avid and casual. This blog will make you aware about the game development process and its craziness. 5 Prominent Stages of a Noted Game Development Company To know more in details read: How to create trending games in 5 easy steps.
  9. Games in the entertainment industry generated the highest revenue in 2019. As per the estimates of Sensor Tower, the worldwide spending on games increased from 54.7 billion dollars in 2018 to 61.7 billion dollars in 2019. 60 percent of the revenue was generated by mobile games in 2019 for the global video game market. It resulted in revenue generation of 49 billion dollars and a profit of 16.9 billion dollars as per the research conducted by GoldenCasinoNews.com. The research further stated that by 2024 the mobile gaming market is expected to grow at 2.9 percent annually to reach 56.6 billion
  10. Mobile gaming industry is likely to be influenced by hyper casual games with deep impact. Market reports have shown that in 2020 mobile based hyper casual games accounted for 6.3 billion downloads or 31 percent downloads globally. Before getting into the depth, let us first see what is meant by hyper casual games. In spite of lacking sophisticated designs, the retention rate is pretty good as compared with the hardcore games. For example, on day 1 hyper casual games normally show a retention rate of 32.3 percent compared to that of 28.7 percent for hardcore games, while on day
  11. Hello, Thanks TheBoneJarmer for sharing your valuable points. I making the necessary changes one by one.
  12. Otto To The Rescue is a shooter type web-based html5 game developed by Red Apple Technologies. It's a very fun and engaging game to retain players. It's a very colorful and entertaining game for kids and adults also. You need to aim & shoot, to rescue. This is one of the best shooter games that are simple and easy to learn, perfect for families to enjoy! To know more and play visit : http://game.redappletech.info/OttoToTheRescueWeb/
  13. By porting we mean a process where games made for particular platforms can become compatible to run seamlessly on other devices being preferred by the users. Game porting services are used by studios mainly to convert games from various platforms such as mobile to facebook, or between operating systems like iOS to Android etc. In addition to this, porting services also help in releasing new and updated versions of older games. For example games which have been created earlier using Flash can be replaced with upgraded platforms like HTML5. For more information read: What is the
  14. To ensure rapid growth of the mobile game development industry, developers all over the world are focused on imbibing prevailing trends and applying advanced tools and techniques. Intense competition and rapid transformation have fascinated IT brands to get into this sector. Learn about "Mobile Game Development Key Benefits" and Mobile Game Development Patterns 2021 and Beyond here: https://bit.ly/2SFSXC6
  15. For some semblance of relief in today’s desolate climate it comes as no surprise that people are getting inclined towards games. Even amidst the COVID disruption, the online gaming industry is performing relatively well. This is because people in large numbers are compelled to keep indoors and hence are looking for ways to spend their idle time. The digital media trends survey conducted by Deloitte in 2020 has shown that during the beginning of the pandemic one third of the consumers did subscribe to the online gaming services. Video streaming platforms, publishers and game studios
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