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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from samuxip in What is the Importance of Porting Games   
    By porting we mean a process where games made for particular platforms can become compatible to run seamlessly on other devices being preferred by the users. Game porting services are used by studios mainly to convert games from various platforms such as mobile to facebook, or between operating systems like iOS to Android etc. In addition to this, porting services also help in releasing new and updated versions of older games. For example games which have been created earlier using Flash can be replaced with upgraded platforms like HTML5.

    For more information read: What is the Importance of Porting Games
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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from vasilii in Bubble Shooter - An Entertaining Game Developed By Red Apple   
    Bubble Shooter is a puzzle-type web-based html5 game. It's a very colorful and entertaining game for kids and adults also. You need to aim & shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. This is one of the best shooter games that are simple and easy to learn, perfect for families to enjoy!
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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from vasilii in GOBO - An Entertaining Game Developed By Red Apple   
    GOBO is an entertaining and tactical game for both adults and kids. Enhance your targeting skills by playing two different game segments.
    HTML5 Game Target Based Game Level Based To know more and play visit : https://bit.ly/3y2kGwm

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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from MrPancakes in GOBO - An Entertaining Game Developed By Red Apple   
    Here are few more screenshots:
    Hope you all enjoying playing this game. Best of Luck!
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    Ashley Hannes reacted to elliecooperart in Experienced Concept Artist for Hire   
    Concept Artist for Hire
    Specialising in Environments and Keyframes
    I am an experienced concept artist in the Game and Film/TV industry. I specialise in environments, keyframes, architecture, creature design and characters. I am currently looking for long-term freelance projects but happy to do short ones too. Alternatively, I am happy to just do some black and white sketches or some colour grading/storyboarding/etc - just get in touch!

    I have included my work below and my website, please feel free to email me, message me on ArtStation or on Discord to discuss the project and rates.

    Website: http://www.elliejcooper.co.uk/
    ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/elliejcooper
    Email: enquiries@elliejcooper.co.uk
    Discord: Ellie#8157

    Portfolio: (Please look at either my website or ArtStation for more, or for better quality).

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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from quiphop in Features Scope and Approaches of Android Game Development   
    The prospects of an Android game developer have been on the rise due to extensive growth and popularity of Android operating system. This operating system is user-friendly along with being innovative in UX and UI. 
    A large number of Android game application development companies opt for the following steps in their scope and approach of work: https://www.redappletech.com/features-scope-approaches-android-game-development/

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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from taoprox in How to Improve the Gaming World Using HTML5   
    HTML5 has become a trending technology in the current scenario of game development. Its dynamic update features and cross platform & cross browser compatibility gives lightyears of advantage as compared to its counterpart.
    This blog mainly talk about the benefits of HTML5 game development and why you need to hire HTML5 game developer.
    Read more: https://www.redappletech.com/how-to-improve-the-gaming-world-using-html5/

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    Ashley Hannes got a reaction from hotfeet in Why HTML 5 Is So Important For Any Mobile Game Development Company   
    Every mobile game development company recognizes how gaming is growing to be the trendiest and most lucrative aspect of the mobile app industry. This is why every HTML 5 game development company should have a firm grasp of all aspects of HTML 5 as well as be acquainted with the most popular development tools of today.
    Read More: https://www.redappletech.com/why-html-5-is-so-important-for-any-mobile-game-development-company/

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