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  1. I enjoyed thsi way too much. My addition by grouping game has gotten weak since elementary school .
  2. I was just curious how others prototyping process works. Right now I am working on something and I want to try different control schemes. i am finding it rather cumbersome. Basically I write new logic and fix every where that breaks. I try to write my stuff as modular as possible but perhaps there is some godly programming paradigm that I am unaware of? Maybe a functional approach would be better with phaser 2?
  3. You set the Y offset to 44. if you don't want the offset any more set it back to 0.
  4. Well you can just math it out. I believe you want the arctan2 function to find the angle between two points. Then rotate your sprite incrementally until you sprite angle equals your calculated angle.
  5. Level 5 is IMBA! This is pretty fun though. I played at least 1/2 an hour trying different strategies.
  6. I will consider it! Though the idea behind the game is to be a micro trainer for RTS games like Starcraft which require high APM and precision key bashing . The problem I see is that it becomes far too easy. just clicking 1,2,3 and then clicking the unit. Although removing the A button would allow me to port this game to mobile. I had a friend suggest that the enemies should only be killable by a specific cannon that could add a degree of difficulty with the A button removed. I will have to do some experimenting. Thank you for your feed back!
  7. Can you bind an event to a container holding botrh canvasis?
  8. I think there are many ways to do it. I haven't tried phaser 3 yet, but generally phaser is pretty un-opinionated. Which means you can choose the paradigm that fits you best. I like having a play state and a level object. The level objects acts as a controller for the play state. For example the game i am working on has a state called "play" in which the instance of the level class determines how many units and where they get spawned. It also checks for the victory condition and if meet if it should create a new instance of a higher level.
  9. Did you define this.check answer? And is this in the relevant context?
  10. I posted this as a WIP a while back. I dove into phaser with out a lot of planning or knowledge of the API for my first game. I rewrote most of the code to be more object oriented. This cut my source code in half and I know have a mostly bug free demo. I a m still not happy with the splash screen. I had a lot of difficulty making the water color painting look more lively. I am open to suggestions. My goal is to have a more consistent feeling to the art direction. Instructions on how to play: Click Here for the game The keys 1,2 and three cycle between the cannons. After a cannon is se
  11. A reimagining of a popular micro challenge (1a2a3a micro) and my first attempt at game making. The player assumes the role of an A.I charged with defending the base from the incoming hostile enemies. He does so by switching between the three cannons with the hot keys 1,2,3 and then firing by A clicking on enemy units. The game still needs some major polish. Death animation removal is buggy, currently there are no unit shadows, I need a teleport animation for incoming units and I need to splice up the splash screen in order to animate it to make it loo more lively. It looks boring atm imo. Wh
  12. Cronos72

    Help to create app

    There are probably a hundred ways to do what you want. What are your constraints? Do you want it in native java code? You could use something like xamarin and do it in c#. If it is something simple you could also simply make a web app that you run on your phone. Code might looks something like this fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/kvu9t8ym/22/ and you can turn it into a web app by simply saving it to your home screen.
  13. This was pretty enjoyable. Some quick feed back, I failed on the last task, because i could not find access to the last area . After finding my friend the area seemed completely surrounded by trees on all sides? Also, If the player is too close to the boxes he can shoot them, it will consume bullets, but the box won't break. Also diagonally strafing displaces you twice the amount of distanceas walking straight which makes it super easy to out manuever the zombies. Lastly after finding 4 keys, it keeps flashing you have to kill something innocent right in the middle of the screen every secon
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