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  1. Thanks Bruno. It is a turn-based system, foes punch the player and when the message "Your turn, hit your enemies" appears the player is supposed to tap quickly over the foes. There is a bug in some mobile sizes though, the first foe gets stuck in the bottom right corner; it still hits you and you can hit it so the fight can continue, but the shaking foe in the corner does not look good.
  2. Thanks for looking at it @spinnerbox all your suggestions make sense. There is no pause nor save game yet, I first wanted to have something that is worth playing. At the moment the only achievements are for completing a set of missions, you become the city mayor, state governor.... But yeah, I will think about some basic achievements to add like first battle won, first extorted business, "level X reached, now you are a school renegade" lol.
  3. Hi, I've always enjoyed open world games, rpgs and adventures, and I always thought that a open world game using real world locations would be a great idea, mainly because I love to spend time with google maps just looking at how different places look. After some years thinking about it I finally have something I'm more or less happy with: real world locations, missions, turn-based fights and informal dialogues. I've reached a point where I need feedback about what I've coded until now, I think it is a good idea but I don't know what others think. I would be happy to hear any feedback you
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