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  1. Fun little starter game. A little advice with unity, their platforming tutorials aren't the best in execution. Game devs use raycast for their platformer due to it's efficiency and accuracy. Here a great set to start with.
  2. Simon's Lab 1 & 2 are both logic platformers where the player has to strategize their way through a level within the rule set for each given level. Simon's Lab 1 has been played and enjoyed by many thousands of kids, performing 25% better on average then other games. Which is why I was commissioned to make a sequal, Simon's Lab 2 is far better in gameplay and design than it's predecessor, meaning that it will be as much; if not more success than the last. Better controls, better design and many new features, Simon's Lab 2 is definitely a step up from it's predecessor. Both games are available for licensing, links to play them are below. Let me know what you thing, I'm open to all criticism. Thanks Simon's Lab 2- https://retrobolt.github.io/SimonsLab2/index.html Simon's Lab- https://simonslab.netlify.com/
  3. @Slicks Could you post an example for me? Thank you
  4. @enpu So just copy and paste this in my html5 file? I want to play sounds/music as soon as my game loads. https://gamenplay.netlify.com/
  5. My games are made in clickteam fusion. I can edit the html5 and js file. Can you show me the touch event that I can add to one of those files? Thanks
  6. Google Chrome had an update and now html5 games have no sound. https://developers.google.com/web/up...policy-changes https://www.theverge.com/platform/am...nd-videos-mute https://www.dailydot.com/debug/chrom...y-block-games/ How can I fix this in html5 code?
  7. Is there a way to do this in html5 code?
  8. Hi, I've made education games before, so I can convert your games, make new ones in line with what you like and license my existing ones. I sent you a pm and a email. Brandon Retrobolt@hotmail.com
  9. Dozens of websites will take your games for free and you'll make your money through ads. So how much have you all made using this method? Is it Sustainable?
  10. Is your job to make an iOS emulator or do you need it to make your html5 game?
  11. Also is the depth I'm missing in the story or gameplay?
  12. How about these games, I put extra work into the art and paid some people. https://earthvoyager.netlify.com/ https://rocketgunwar.netlify.com/ https://finalflight.netlify.com/ Thanks for the constructive criticism.