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  1. Thanks for your response. I finally found the issue. The problem was my scene and camera settings Best regards
  2. Hi. Here you can see: In theory when mouse was over the mesh it should display the name and point 3D coordinates and also change the color. You will see that coordinates are always (NaN, NaN, NaN) and the mesh is not properly recognized and that color is not properly changed, just some meshes are recognized. It is really a bug in my opinion. It happens with all models I have tested. Best regards
  3. Yes. I am sure that all meshes in the GLTF file are Pickable, Visible and Enabled. When I import the GLTF file I set all meshes contained with these settings. This was my first thought. And I checked it by putting a trace for each mesh contained in the GLTF. In deed, It is really strange but picking works but only when I am very close to the mesh. The mesh exceeds the frustum. When I zoom out it doesn't work. Best regards
  4. Hi. I have a problem when trying to pick meshes from an imported mesh (GLTF 1.0 file). My problem is that scene.pick method is returning null always. Only when I am very close to the mesh I am able to pick the mesh but always the same mesh. I have read other posts from other people having the same problem, but not sure about the solution. In my example I am not transforming anything (moving neither rotate), just loading the GLTF that contains submeshes inside (in the inspector you can see the product structure of the GLTF) but not able to pick anything. I am using BABYLONJS 3.0. Any clues? Best regards
  5. Hi, You are fully right, very sorry for my mistake. Inthe last version the duplicated issue was solved. About inspector and behavior when selecting instances, would it be possible to select only the instance selected by the mouse and not all the instances? Again, many thanks for your support, your inspector is really nice. : ) Best regards
  6. Hi. No, unfortunately not. ; ) After testing the last version I continue experiencing the same issue. Assets used for instances appear duplicated Did you change anything in your code since my last mail? Read my comments about instances and highlighting them. Best regards-
  7. Hi. The PG you prepared had only one single mesh, no product structure on it. To reproduce the problem is very simple, just create a collada model with product structure and convert it to GLTF1.0, you will see that the structure is properly converted , now try with GLTF2.0 and you will see. Here you can see my model example converted to GLTF2.0 and you can also see the original DAE file. Best regards test.glb test.dae
  8. Hi again. Another problem I see in the inspector is that instances are not selectable. Try to select one instance in my PG and you will see that the mesh that is highlighted is the main mesh where the instance was made of. With clones is working. See this PG: Best regards
  9. Hi. I have recently updated my repository and tested the new version but I continue experiencing the same issue. Maybe Am I doing something wrong? Here you can see the new PG where I am forcing to use the new version but continue the same: You can see that meshes to create instances should only appear on assets_mesh mesh container but they also appear in the root folder Best regards
  10. Hi. Unfortunately not. I don't how to start in BABYLONJS. But concerning the zoom window, the idea is very simple. I am trying to develop a web CAD viewer and as you can guess interact with objects shown in the canvas is a must. In order to implement the zoom window, my idea was to be able to interactively draw a rectangle based on mouse click on 2 different coordinates and be able to see this rectangle shown dynamically. If you have played with any CAD viewer solution you will understand what I mean. I know how to pick coordinates from canvas and my idea was to create a invisible box in order to focus zoom on it. Best regards
  11. Hi. I want to implement the typical Zoom Window feature available in CAD viewers but I don't know how to interact with canvas in order to perform this action. Is there anybody who had implemented this functionality? Is this possible? I want also to be able to add text layers to my scene in an interactive way and also be able to save this information for future loads of the same scene. Best regards
  12. Many many thanks. Your inspector is really nice. Best regards
  13. Hi. It is reproducible in any scene using an arcrotate camera. When the radius gets to 0, the camera goes to the reverse camera target view. I don't know how to disable this behavior. Best regards
  14. Hi. Many many thanks for the quick response. But, has been the download from GITHUB already updated? Best regards