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  1. Cant try it live atm but after some quick testing in the playground it seems that you might have solved my problem
  2. No, i never did figure it out. I ended up with a curve that was all wonky but it got the job done. This problem still haunts me tho. The funny part is that its supposed to be a simple trigonomy problem but since im math-retarded im having a hard time with it. this is my application and those are my wonky curves . It basically shows from which square the cylinder has moved, one step at the time. So since i have positions of the "from"(point A) and "to"(point square, all i needed was a point C. C will always be on the same point on the y-axis (height in the scene). Lets say i know which distance i want the C point to be from the line between A and B, That means i now also know the lenght of the side of AC and BC with the use of pythagoraen. So i now have all sides which also means all angles and all information i could possible need but i just never figured out how to translate the formulas i found when googling into a javascript/babylon method. But once again, this problem isnt important for me to solve anymore so dont feel you need to go out of your way helping me
  3. When i read your post from my home PC i had to check and to my surprise i didnt see it either. So i got on my work laptop and took some screendumps: http://imgur.com/a/OxYdU Yes! This solved it on my work-laptop! Thank you Maybe there are some graphic driver settings that disable or enable mipmap that could differ from my desktop and my laptop?
  4. @Wingnut Thanks for taking the time to reply, but maybe i wasnt clear in my first post. My real problem is the math or approach behind finding the control point (middle vector3). Here is my latest idea that i dont know how to execute in babylon code: Imagine i have the two known positions A and B. I can then find the position in between those points by position+position/2 and create a mesh there. Angle mesh 90 degrees from the angle made up by A and B and move/traverse/teleport x amount of distance outwards/forward. Save that position and use for my curve. Done.
  5. Im trying to add text labels to my project by using dynamictexture and drawtext, but first of all it doesnt render at all from a distance, and it sometimes renders twice at the same time but different sizes. What am i doing wrong? ex http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DSD7JR Youll have to move around and then scroll out until the text starts acting wonky and you'll see what i mean. Suggestions?
  6. Hi, im a student aka newbie, building a program where i want to draw a curved line between two randomized points but i dont know how to approach it. Im currently using the quadraticBezierCurve together with the two known points but i need a way of figuring out how to calculate the control point. Image of the situation: http://imgur.com/a/mYoXJ Or can i somehow find the position in the middle of the points, angle myself outwards and move N steps outwards depending on how steep i want my curve?