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  1. @b10b that game was commissioned for $200 with exclusive rights ($250, actually, as there was some last-second major revisions). I feel like I got pretty darn lucky, and I'm wondering if I can get lucky again checking out here. If not--and if the rate should be higher--I'm certainly open to that. I'm fighting for more budget room with games specifically, so I'm open to all bids by talented people.
  2. Got it! In that case, we'd be paying for exclusive rights with a flat fee--still working to get higher rates for these projects.
  3. @RubbleGames good question! I assume we own the games? But I'm pretty unschooled in the mechanics of this: if there's a compromise that gives freedom to our devs while satisfying our needs, that's good by me too.
  4. @scheffgames that's good to know! Would it be helpful if we kept that information under an umbrella org to protect our devs?
  5. Our budget is on the lower side for the moment ($200 or so) with potential for much higher rates going forward. We also have a preference for retro graphics and music
  6. Hey guys, I was referred here by some potential freelancers, and I am thrilled to find a community of passionate HTML5 Devs! Holy moly! Anyway: I'm working as a producer, hiring out funny creative all-inclusive talent or teams to make small micro-games in HTML5. I provide the concept, script, and money: you make it into a game! A great sample is this game a freelancer made for a political client; if that seems doable to you in terms of quality and style, let me know! I have money and work for you!