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  1. Don't be a scardy cat... My partner company went and sued Zynga over infringement of one of my games. Lodsys was just a patent troll and ran scared as soon as they saw they were going to have to fight it out in actual court. I use to be in affiliate marketing, and controlling territory involved continually sending out cease and desists. Rarely did you actually need to file a lawsuit to get people to back down. "All is fair in business and war."
  2. Anyone have any idea what graphical pipeline was used in the .io game Squadd? It kinda looks like something like MagicaVoxel > Maya > MentalRay... Custom render. Or could be something more like 3DCoat > Maya > MentalRay... The game looks like a failure as it cannot get players, but the graphics are great.
  3. Howler looks good. I think I will use it. I like the activity numbers.
  4. Are there any good micropayment providers for HTML5 games? I use to work with Gambit and OfferPal for Facebook games back in 2009.
  5. Looking for a good fast sound lib for games that is well maintained and free for commercial use. How is https://github.com/CreateJS/SoundJS this one? Anyone use it in production?
  6. Just to verify, I noticed my code for running my game loop is different from the current PixiJS example. Is this the current best practice for running the game loop? Also, is there any way to set target FPS lower to like 30FPS like with Flash? http://pixijs.github.io/examples/#/basics/basic.js My code: function initGame() { /** Start game loop **/ mainLoop(); } function mainLoop() { //Loop this function 60 times per second requestAnimationFrame(mainLoop); //Run game loop gameLoop(); //Render the stage Renderer.render(Stage); } function g
  7. I was building off the learningPixi treasureHunter example as my base code. It just straight ran the code as soon as loaded. That will probably keep that from happening again. Thanks!
  8. I went to fully clear my browser history in Chrome and then my game wouldn't Init successfully. It started throwing an error here. The undefined error traced back to Pixi.js line 16. It also wouldn't Init in Firefox. I restarted my PC, and, it still wouldn't init... Then I loaded one of the samples successfully, now everything is working again without any code changes. Wtf? Gotta love HTML5... Anyone ever had anything like that happen? /** Create a Pixi stage and Renderer **/ var stage = new Container(), Renderer = autoDetectRenderer(windowWidth,windowHeight); document.body.append
  9. It's easier to just login to my Linode, install Uglify.JS dependencies, then Uglify.JS, and then minify the files command line... Than the impossible task of getting it done on windows. Good lord!
  10. Anyone know of a simple code minifier? I can't get Uglify.JS working in Webstorm... It's a pain in the neck. No instructions anywhere about how to install it and set it up on windows.
  11. After testing Pixi.js for a while... It doesn't appear to have the issue. Is Phaser not using an updated version of Pixi?
  12. I tested the Phaser demo's on the website. There is a very violent GC lag spike occurring every few seconds on mid level hardware. Are there any successful .IO games that have been launched using Phaser? Games like Slither.io, Agar.io, etc... They do not have this issue. Were those built custom from the ground up without any game engine? I think that may be the way to go with HTML5. I am going to investigate Pixi.io to see if it has the same performance issues.
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